A1 Florovino kills PM

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share that the florovino tea does knock out pm. I have a tent i preveg in and saw some a little before christmas. Though i knocked it out but it came back on some mini moms i had in there. So i took my sulfer burner for the flower room and let it go. I few days later it had not done anything really.

So one spray at 10ml for a half gallon of water wiped it out. Off the leaves. I was going to through the mini-mom's away so i just left them and pulled know leaves of creating an enviroment for pm just to see.

2 weeks later not there.

Hope this helps and the nutes rock and are cheap. two good combos.



Absolutly, the enzymes will eat pm up, fermented extracts will kill pathogens as well. Keep up the good work!


glad you guys enjoyed.

Man i just reread my post. I misspelled so many words and kinda did not make sense. Shoot i must have been smoking some good shit.
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