A1 Grown White Master Kush

Its not a giod idea to feed ur plants steriods bro! Jk that shit looks beast!! What up treebark, hope all is well with u.
Haha! That A1 is straight Steroids! I'm hooked on it. I love brewing teas and playing with dirt!

Yes sir all is good in the land of treebark! I beat the RA's! Got some killer genetics from some great friends, and popped some killer seeds. Added another AC, and did a lot of insulation and now I feel like I'm getting the rooms dialed!!

May bountiful harvests follow you my friend!
Damn they look pretty beefy.. Great grow
Thanks bro! They are rock hard! Some that were closer to the AC had purple hues and some were green but still super frosted!
Hey bro that white master was it a clone or seed.. is it a ogr strain..
It was a clone from a friend of mine, and it is an ogr strain. It will stay in my stable for a long time. That pic was my second run with her, I've got more of them in flower as well that just flipped, and I'm shooting for 2 a light on this third run with her, as I know what to expect this time! Third times a charm!
thats nice... ogr's gear is fire... i jus picked up some white strawberries cant wait to drop...i know ur super busy keep us posted if u can on ur white master... 2 a light snapps bro u got it dialed in...
hella cool i got some white urkle also lol havent dropped them either... im a seed whore i got like 5 different ogr's gear... that white def keeper super frosty i popped one and my girl loved that smoke... one of her faves..
I'll def be there on Saturday so sounds good to me. I've got some WM and another Pheno of the White flowers that are curing right now and are purttty nice! Last time at the Kush Expo they had a smoking area...:) Sounds good to me!