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We have sold out of quart samples, And we sold out of Starter packs about a hr ago, We have sent over 125 orders out for samples, New shipment of 500 Sample starter packs arrives Saturday, We will resume shipping out Samples on Monday.
All folks that paid today will be shipped on Monday.

Please bear with us as the response has been overwhelming and were just dialing in the shipping procedures.

Organic Grow and BloodMeal will start be available some time end of next week, We wont accept pre-payments on these tell we have the product in hand.
A1 will keep you posted!!!

Starter packs include the following:
1 gallon of the following, Fast and Furious Roots, FloraVino Tea, First Steps Aminos, Nucleus Humic/Fulvic.

Then 1lb of the following powders:
Micro Nutrients
Master Blaster Powder.

Bless A1! Haven't received my starter yet but damn I'm glad I jumped on it. I've heard nothing but good things. Congrats on the success so far. I really want that bloodmeal and organic grow. I've been using Earth Juice with some mild success but A1 nutrients results look amazing (from what I've seen in others' posts). I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a convert after I get my nutes going! Thanks again A1!!
A1 nutes sound pretty cool to me...

I am an organic gardener and would love to try your gear.

Lately I have reluctantly switched to general organics lately and to my surprise I am having pretty amazing results.

I am using tons of additives as well but I mean these buds are incredible.

But I am always down to try something new and A1 Sounds real good to me.

Congrats and good luck on the new venture.



thank you for all your support Farmers, The response to our sample packs have been amazing, We have shipped over 200 sample paks out in the last 2 weeks, Shipping will resume again tomorrow, We have 112 sample packs left in stock. Once these are gone there will be no more at this sample cost pricing, Never again will A1 nutrients be available for this pricing.

Thank you, A1
ok hopefully I dont get laughed outta the park for this question. if i get the starter pack do i use it with my existing nutes (flora nova) or does it replace them? also right now i use sunshine mix #4 so will it work well with that as well. thanks Dan Klover

ps one last thing i wanted to share with schwoop View attachment 201241
the starter pack is nute additives.. They will work great with ur nute line up.. But if u also get the A1 base nutes 2 replace ur Flora Nova then ur plants will blow up even more..

Oh yea I love the pic