A1 Starter Paks Available only!!!!

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Just a couple more weeks tell everything goes live, in the meantime it's best to email, they secured that 805 4A1-Soil number awhile ago. It will turn into the main number very soon.


Big D, come grab some Season Opener and some Grand Slam Base Nutes, Making Goo is right, Our Organic Grow/Bloom is in the final blending stage, We had to culture and grow our specific Bacterias and Fung'is fresh to blend into our mix's. This alone was a 21 day process, Nothing like freshly grown Mykos and Endos. And your Sunshine Mix will come to life with a few ACT brews and some amendments!
are you guys still selling the starter packs or samples. I emailed you guys and sent a pm wit no response. was wondering if this was still going on. Im almost out of everything and have fallen in love with the roots and H/F