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Where do i get the soil, do i have to set up an appointment, i have been to awc twice now, both times they knew nothing about it. Was also interested in the organic grow and bloom when available, as well as the liquid plant sauce/kelp. At awc the liquid sauce is powdered, i was under the impression it was in liquid form, also the nutes were labeled different, for instance the roots was not labeled as fnf, but something diff. Kind of confusing.


The roots is called RootzgoneWild now, the plant Sauce comes in liquid and powder, the Nucleus Humic is now called soil improve and comes in liquid and powder, the First steps is the L-Aminos and it's now called StrongerPlants, they have the nutes at Avalon, soil has to be pre ordered, best to send A1Nutrients a pm on that one.


Thanks for the quick response and the clarification on the nutes, looks like i will be pre ordering the soil next round. Just grabbed some fox farms soil and some age old kelp yesterday after unsucessfully attempting to switch completely to A1. Looking forward to the organic grow and bloom as well as the soil.
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