A1Nutrients is on and Crackin!

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Yup... I have been waiting for funds to come in... hopefully everything will be set to go the 1st of Nov. Can't wait. Beans have been in the fridge and just been lurking and taking notes. Can't wait to get a fresh batch of nutes and give this a second run. Hopefully with caps packs and A1NUTRIENTS.... my second run should be a success. Hoping for a green 2013 baby!
Lab results!!! That is legit. Certified samples and no-contaminants. Awesome. Does that mean NO talcum powder was used? :p
Appreciate you delivering more clean green products for growers.
Looks great guys,congrats! One quick question about the upcoming organic lines, will they be absent the elevated levels of phosphoric acid compared to PBP? Look 4ward to giving them a shot in near future.