Adding sugar in a hydro grow?

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Does anyone have any more info on this? I read in a copy of weed world a while back that this was good for yield if added with pk about 3 weeks before harvest? Are there any real benefits?


a friend that used "sweet" (product name)used along bloom on roms and blues, got really Massive buds and the scent was increadible day the of harvest. it did however affect his plant maturity, not sure why but top leaves turned yellos (sulfur deficiency?) and thought the hairs were not quite red all the way, the buds seems so ripe that he had to harvest a week early. def looking into, im going to, but paying close attention to the time in the cycle when its fed, maybe not so soon..more towards ripening?? looking at GH feeding schedule their product "flora nectar" which is also sugars, they have you feed that from mild growth all they way to ripening 5 to 10 mil starting the second higher amount at aggressive growth. I asked the local store and the experts recommended the sweetners only if you do them through out this time, if you just want to do them the last two weeks ( in my case) they said don;t bother... please post any new may find.. :)


people use sugar all the time to fatten up buds. Most people use Grandmas molasses. I however did not like it in my rez at all. It made everything pretty shitty actually. There are other products that I would suggest rather than using grandmas. House and garden shooting powder works wonders. It will actually add a week to your flowing time.


Bud candy from AN. Its sweet leaf and carboload together. Its supposed to be pretty sweet. I just started using it so I'll let you know hot it really is. I've used sweet leaf for a long time and love it.

Donk Frog

sweet rocks I have been using it in my hydro system fortwo years great


I cannot use Sweet where I live. Too many Gnats and I end up with a Fungas Gnat invasion. No Thx, not necessary..


yeah man i use suger the first week of my flush i i never used during grow so i cant say if it make the buds fatter but it make for better taste in the finished bud
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