Adjusting ph of roots organics nutrient solution.

Well for starters what do you use to check the ph? Strips get close but aren't that precise, same goes for the shake up solution.
You need some type of electronic ph reader. Stores charge crazy prices ($75+) but I bought one from Amazon about 8 months ago. $15. Hasn't malfunctioned yet. Every few weeks or so I have to recalibrate it using solution (not too expensive maybe $1.50 for a test sample amount).
Thanks for the quick response. I'm using a digital reader and double checked with a ph solution. And as far as the medium I'm using roots oganics formula 707 with but I haven't started using the roots nutes because I'm woried about how low the ph is (about 4.0or less).
I am having a hard time getting the ph of the solution up to a reasonable level. What do I do?
ALWAYS ADJUST PH ORGANIC OR NOT!!! Try not to use ph up or down on organics they'll kill microbes. You need microbes to break roots organics bottled nutes or any organic nutes into useable form for plants. Instead of ph up or down use an enzyme like hygrozyme for down or a silicate like protekt silica for up if you quickly need to adjust otherwise In order to get roots organics up to proper 6.6-6.8 ph bubble it with an airstone for 24 hours I've been using this method for 3 years now works perfect r/o usually starts at 8.0-9.0 when I add pretty much any amount of roots to it it drops to 4.5 that's just what it does
I wouldn't advise using the nutrient schedule full strength burns. I never really use more than 1/2 strength of the nute schedule but my soil mix is pretty strong too. I'd suggest feeding microbial tea or powder mixed once a week when using roots nutes.
Thanks for the quick response. I'm using a digital reader and double checked with a ph solution. And as far as the medium I'm using roots oganics formula 707 with but I haven't started using the roots nutes because I'm woried about how low the ph is (about 4.0or less).
Roots organics is from my town.
I have used most all there products.
I usually mix the night before, keep your res, no matter how big or small aerated.
For roughly 8-12 hours. Then adjust the PH.
A couple of there first messed me up pH wise. Specifically there "trinity" it will stabilize after the time frame above.
Then adjust your PH. And you should be good. I already know the PH war when it comes to there line. Be patient and adjust later that day/night.

Well I'm trying to go all organic. So the silica is awful hard to get with out using a derivative, thus not being organic. So it doesn't matter what company makes it from GH to dyna anyone it's a derivative. So I just went against what I've been tought which is your ph is like not checking your oil. So in order to not use any bone organic products didn't even check it because in the past it dropped it to like 4. So this should be noticeable weather it was a bad lesson or a good one so I will report back .
Has anyone had bad results do to not changing ph with roots organics??? We shall see I just fed one auto in dirt with out adjustment to the ph. It'll show soon?
I've been using Roots Organics nutrients since last winter. I began by using some of them eventually, I have the whole line up. I'm starting to second guess my decision.
1. Last season indoors I PH adjusted even though the company said not to use PH + or - becasue it will kill microbes, etc. I manged to get a decent harvest. (I'm a newbie, that was like my 2nd or 3rd crop)
2. Switched to Outdoor in 25gal smart pots this summer with my own 'mix' potting soil, compost, topsoil..... had a nice summer but not super robust as in year's past. I kinda assumed it was the lack of daylight I get. I started not adjusting the PH because I wanted to learn about going all organic. The PH of the nutrients when mixed according to their schedule came out to be like 4.5-5 at best :/ I would bubble for 2-3 days and could get it up over 6pm. Everything seemed ok, had to harvest early because the cold damp VT fall came and had to harvest early because of bud rot.
3. This fall moved back indoor and was super excited to see this line work magic. took my clones from end of summer in 4" pots and veg. inside for like 3-4weeks. All good, barely fed them. (Using 100% FFOF - I know I'm a newb) Moved them into 1/2 gal pots and veg for another 2-3weeks. Started feeding according to Roots schedule and bubbling the mix to get the ph above 6. Sometimes you struggle when the schedule starts adding more nutes to get the PH out of the 5's with aeration alone.
4. After 4 weeks saw yellowing on new growth and thought either a deficiency or getting pot bound. I wanted to get ready to flower anyway so I moved to 5gal pots (Final home) I watered only and added microbes. for like 1 week or so. The plants rebounded awesome. and looked ready to flower.
5. 2.5 weeks after transplant into 5 gal. I switched the light. started noticing the yellowing again. Just like the 1/2 gal. pots. This time I knew it shouldnt be pot bound and pretty damn certain their wasn't def because i'd been feeding regular. So I checked PH.
6. The runoff was coming out at like 5! The last feeding went in at almost 7 and came out at 5. This is where the problem lies I suspect?
7. Even though I bubble the Roots Organics for days it must be sitting in the soil and going acidic again. The soils out of the bag is just over 6 alone. My tap water is like 6.3 and 40-60ppm.
8. I top dressed with espoma lime (2T per 5gal pot and watered in)... 2 days later I top dressed with 2T and flushed each plant with 2-3gals of water. After flushing each I hit each pot with a 1/2 gal of 'recharge' microbe and some 'fish shit' to restore the soil life.
9. Things seem to be greening up again? My only conclusion is that Root Organics makes your solution acidic as hell (I've read this in multiple places), Maybe its just organic fertilizers in general? (Again, I'm new).
10. Instead of spending that extra money for "Roots" I probaly will switch to Neptunes or other like organic fertilizer made from similar ingredients?

Somebody tell me I'm doing something silly and it's and easy fix? Well I guess maybe adding a scoop or so of dolomite to my buckets beforehand will help buffer out the acidic nutrients. Why does the company not give you any guidance on this at all? I'm sure there are plenty of people like me out there burning the shit out of their plants and swearing off their brand for good. Thing that sucks is I already have a few hundred tied up in there nutrient line.

Any people with similar issues?