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What’s up guys, SO...Id say I’m an “intermediate” to “advanced” grower with the master grower goal in the near future at a much bigger facility. I have quite a few successful grows from seed and clone under my belt, with between 15-50 plants at one time between 1 10x5x10 veg room and 2 8x4x8 grow tents and I am pretty comfortable with 95% of everything from seed to smoke but I was just looking for any sort of recommendations, tips or thoughts when it comes to yields,etc. But the main thing I was looking for is what you use or recommend to have Nutrient feeding PPM at for week 5 of flower. Just had a great smoke session of some Amnesia Haze live resin and I am in a talking and learning mood and just want to see what you guys think. Just trying to maximize everything I can, especially when I’ve invested a lot of money into this over the last few years. But here’s all my info—Current flower room is 20 photos (8 strains, mix of hybrids, mostly sativa dominant phenos, GG4, 707 Headband, Gelato, etc.) under 1 1000W air cooled HPS, and just switched out our other 1000W MH/HPS as a test in this tent for 1 Vipar900 LED, and 1 Marshydro 300W LED for total wattage of 2200 true watts in an 8x4x8 Mylar lined grow tent, also have 2 true 100W supplement LED COBs for when any plants get too tall for the max height of HPS or big LEDS. 6” 450CFM exhaust fan with 6x18” carbon filter. Exhaust pulled from end of HPS. Have 1 oscillating fan on each end of tent, one blowing above and through top of canopy and other blowing right on and through the bottom of canopy. Supplementing with TNB Naturals CO2 (600-1000ppm depending on last time they were refilled and what speed exhaust fan is on) Day temps around 79-81 and night time around 65-68 with RH around 50-60%. All were kept on best VPD 82F,75%-72F70%) from 2 weeks old until about 2 weeks ago when I let it start to cool off to simulate fall more.

Right now I am feeding with advanced nutes grow micro bloom, terpinator, humboldt nutes ginormous, and *Bergmans Plant Boost->Week 1 and now again in week 5). Gave them Advanced Nute Bud Ignitor on last week of veg also. So far have no signs of nute burn, pests or mold, over/underwatering or feeding and all plants look extremely healthy and producing plenty of nice buds and bud sites so far. I just want to see the best way to try and truly maximize their yield potential especially on my “prized” pheno side of the tent. Their last nute feed was 4 days ago. I usually try to feed/water every other day but let the plants tell me how they’re feeling usually. Always try to feel how heavy pots are every day. This specific entire grow I’ve had no signs of nute deficiencies at all except for 2 plants that had a little bit of a calcium defiency starting but that was fixed immediately with a foliar and feed of calmag. Only other problem was one plant had a little light burn from fresh HPS bulb and being such a tall girl. But that’s been fixed as well.

So I know they are all in “prime” condition to produce for me. They were all given some forms of LST and HST(topping, FIM, defoliation, lollipop, bend and tie, supercropping, mainline) all through veg and first 3 weeks of flower(all low stress) and all have recovered within a day. I’ve done a pretty good job of maximizing light penetration and canopy “evenness” for the space I have with that many plants. My last feeding was at around 1000PPM and about 2 liters per plant with about 25% normal Nitrogen dosage and heavy PK. All in 3-5 gal fabric pots in fox farms organic soil with 20% perlite mixed in. All the roots systems look great and super healthy. I’ll attach some pictures of how they’re looking today. They just had their last heavy defoliations for max light penetration over the last couple weeks.

Youll also notice 4 autoflowers (Cheese XXL & Dark Devil) in there that are finishing up within the next week or so. They were an “experiment”. I tried some more higher stress training on them to see the reactions and how they turned out (topping, FIM, supercropping).

Anyways, just wanted to know your thoughts or suggestions. I love being a grower as well as the medicine I produce. My last big grow ended up averaging 1.15g/watt which I think is pretty good for an at home indoor grow. So please give me any advice, random tips or stuff to try. Or ask me anything you want regarding growing. We are all about experimenting and testing new methods to see how the plants react and see what could work the best for our certain phenos and strains. Money really isn’t an issue either as far as maybe upgrading some things in the grow as well. Thanks everyone. Any other questions regarding my grow or grow environment just comment and I’ll respond. And I’m ALL FOR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM if you have any. We are all here to grow better together! **Photos below; taken about an hour after lights on today. Day 32 Flower. Just for size reference for all of them the tallest 707 Headband in the first pic is right at 60” to its tallest cola**

-TJ Terpenes
BT Horticulture

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One last remark, this is one of our “smaller” grows, as far as veg time. Only vegged them 5 weeks from seed instead of 6-8. With LST from 2 weeks on and HST from about 3 weeks.:blackalien:
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