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Hey guys, I wanted a second opinion on my feed. I've got very small signs of too much N. I have had for the whole grow pretty much. It's not toxic but i want to get it dialed in a little more. I'm growing fastbuds: blue dream x2 and a Jack herer. Week 2 of flower.

Anyway... my current feed is
sensi bloom B 1ml/L (NPK 2-4-8)
Cal mag extra 0.25ml/L (4-0-0)
B52 0.5ml/L (2-1-4)

Burn isnt serious, I've just got dark sugar leaves that claw, no burn. It's just not perfect so I want to get it dialed in. I bought some Big Bud to help cut out some N (0-1-3)

So my thoughts on new feeds,

Option 1:
bloom b 0.5ml/L
Big bud 0.5ml/L
B52 0.25ml/L
Cal mag 0.25ml/L

Option 2:
Bloom b 0.5ml/L
Big bud 1ml/L

Option 2 cuts the majority of N out, but I also lose a lot of good nutes so I dont know if I should go ahead.

Another though was switching out my bloom b for my grow B as that has an NPK of 1-2-6. But I'm unsure if that will be detrimental, any opinions on this?

My ppm is pretty low, it's always between 350-450ppm. I water to 20% runoff (biobizz lightmix soil) I'm certain I dont have a buildup.

Cheers for taking the time to read and reply 👍
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