Advice for newbie on vaporizer OR much better bong

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Yes, and maybe even higher. What I like is the ability to control it. Sometimes I want just a little and sometimes I want a lot. It's easy with a vaporizer.

I think so. I know my lungs feel a lot better and I cough less. My wife was coughing a lot before she switched to vaping.

I've only smoked once since I started dry herb vaping. It's just so much better. We like a fine grind and use an electric grinder to make it. The finer the grind, the longer lasting an oven load will be. The clouds can be bigger, too.

I recommend the Pax Plus vaporizer. It's a bit pricey, but it's a wonderful machine. We also have a Pax 3 and a Mighty+ vaporizers. We call the Mighty+ "the hand grenade" because it reminds us of something we might have seen in an old war movie. It's a good vaporizer, too. It's just cumbersome. It's easy to control the temperature, which is nice.
I have pax plus and like it for the smooth vapor. I also like my Bong - recirculating type. It's super smooth. Best benefit of pax plus is the settings, small size, and vape. You could take it almost anyplace, and vape up.


How much "better" did the Vapos got ?

I've tried it like 13 years ago or so maybe even more with both a Tabletop one, a Volcano in that case and an Handheld both for dry Herbs.
And it always had its own kinda flavour really earthy and a bit spicy aswell iirc flavour didnt change much even with completly different tasting strains.

Tried the volcano with Super Lemon Haze i think it was, which was way better then the regular street stuff i usually got and was kinda the reason i went out and borrowed a volcano but was super dissapointed with it.
Bought the Handheld a year later, maybe 2 and while it was better it still always had this earthy flavour it served its purpose at that time but wasnt something i would use to enjoy a nice spliff.

How are the flavours coming through nowadays and how does it compare to your regular joint ?


I’ve been on the quest for smoke damage mitigation for a while now. (Course we could always quit, but what’s the fun in that).
I’m a little surprised no one has mentioned an ice catcher for the bong. Adding more water filtration is a great way.
This gas station rig has the In line ash catcher and a “Mouth Piece” filter.

For vapes, I own a mighty plus, really really good product, much more of a workhorse than the pax, not as convenient of a size.

PS good looks on the calculus homework. I always smoked when doing differential equations.
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I have a Pax and I just bought this. This old guy can't burn bud anymore. It all tastes like shit

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