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Yo people ! :cool0010: I would appreciate any info that you could give me on watering in the Hempty bucket, thx !:fighting0040:


Here's some instruction from Hempy ,I've heard only positives about this method. I've been ask to teach a basic grow class and this is the method I'll teach

I like the hempy bucket becouse of its simplicity and the price of the system (ITS FREE ) to make and has no moveing parts that can fail and once the plant has started its root system you can basicly water and forget it for 2 days or 3 depending on temps and you can grow eny strain from sativa to indica in it .

I basicly got the idear from my first hydro kit i ever got that was a tamato hydro kit and i found it realy easy to understand ,It was basicly an aquponic set up and the guy i had got it from i whent back a few years later telling him about my creation and how i got it from his idear and the look on his face and smile sed it all ,Iv spoken to a few people in the hydro industry about it and they all tell me it wont work it will couse root rot so on well there all rong becouse this method works and they say a picture is worth a 100 wards right lol.

I AM NOT SAYING THIS METHOD IS THE BEST BUT What i am saying is its a option and a easy cheep way to grow hydroponicly and nothing more, I have tryed a lot of methods and have all ways gone back to this.

To make a hempy bucket is simple all you need to do is this

Get your self a bucket eny colour but clear as you will end up with algy forming as the nutes react to the light .

The size of the bucket can very from 1 gal (4lt) to 5gal (20lt) ruffly i personaly like useing a 10 lt bucket and have had up to 19 oz yield cured from a single bucket plant but it depends on the strain and given phino .

Once you have your bucket then get a drill and drill a drain hole in the side of the bucket about 2 inch from the bottom , The drain hole can be around 7/16.

And the medium i use is perlite/vermiculite at around 3 to 4 parts perlite to 1 part vermiculite.You can use volcanic rocks coco or 100% perlite but personaly i found the perlite / vermiculite a lot better in meany ways.

All you need to do now is basicly add the rooted clone or seedling water with nutes and thats it,I would water it daily until the tap root and root system has headed down to the res but once you see a desent growth rate id then start to water every 2 days.

The only thing rong with it is you need to hand water and you get run off from the drain hole thats it and as far as checking your PH well the only time you need to do that is when you mix your nutes i like useing a PH of 6.2 PH .


Thx dude this was very helpful just a stupid question should the bucket be prefilled or wait till it gets filled on its own from watering the plants ?


hempy is an truely amazing system. just finished my first grow with them. 5 gallons, 50/50 perlite coco, watered them about every three days. Biggest buds I've ever had off the bubbas , and i've been growing them for 2 yrs. that link will tell you everything you need to knows, its truely all there is too it, its hard to believe its that easy but it is.


hempy is a cool cat...his system calls for 75%perlite to 25% vermaculite...i've been using it for awhile but with strait perlite...but stumbling upon my reserch i have found that vermaculite actulllay slow release's calicum into the root zone....i've had problems with some strains needing extra cal but using the vermaculite i dont need to use as much cal with those strains....this system is based off the mass hydroponic farms bato buckets with slight changes tweaked up'd....i also know a couple peeeps who use perlite/coco hempy that get great looking results with less watering applications...peace az


Hello Indianche, I recently made the switch to hempy as well.
I, like Az, am usin 100% perlite in my buckets and tubs and for nutes I am usin flora nova 1 part along w/a little cal mag and hygrozyme. I water until there is a bit of run off although this isn't essential. then I wait til the bucket is nearly bone dry before I water/feed again.

Hope this helps


Thats some useful info azgrow thx but I think the first time I'll just go with 100 % perlite just for the sake of simplictiy


I too use 100% perilite but I ran into a problem watering daily... No one told me not to feed daily... i was halfway into flower before realizing, but you should water daily in pure perilite but only feed nutes twice a week.
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