Afghani surprise - 4 mystery seeds (my second grow diary)

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Mystery Seeds
Labelled "Afghani"​

I have acquired some seeds that we don't have any solid background information on, other than they came from a local seller source with redacted.
They came labelled, but it's not indicated if they are feminized or not, and we don't know if they came from an experienced or reputed breeder.

I had planned to make my second diary a single plant in a 4x4 tent - and my 'first' grow still has a few weeks left to finish flower - but I am curious enough about these seeds that I've decided to try them right away. This won't be as detailed as my first grow diary, but I will keep it updated as they grow
*Hopefully they are feminized - or at least most all female

I germinated 4 of them in water, and within 12 hours they were starting to swell and crack open, so I put them in starter cups last night in a 2.5'x2.5' tent. Here we go.

Afghani surprise   4 mystery seeds my second grow diary

four 'Afghani' seeds soaking in water​

Afghani surprise   4 mystery seeds my second grow diary 2

seeds planted on March 26 2024​
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