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Hey Farmers,

just stumbled across these pics of our Afghani clone.

This clone was used to create our upcoming Blueberry X Afghani cross, inspired by SOL´s legendary Shiskeberry.



I need some of that in my life. Shishkaberry was a huge hit in my neck of the woods. Love to see how that turns out. That Afghani is making me drool man


What is the background on that beautiful afghani lady?
She is a local Afghani clone.

I was told from my source, that the seeds originally came from the Mazar-i Sharif area and were brought back from Afghanistan to Europe about 25 years ago by the same guy who selected the now extinct clone "Citral", which was once pretty famous in the NL.

The plant itself has wide and dark green leaves and produces thick buds with a hashy smell at harvest time.
Tobor the 8th Man

Tobor the 8th Man

Well it is a real nice one Hort. Is there a better plant than afghani/ Really when you think about it there isn't. It is like a basic solid genetic building block. But is is also a damn fine smoking strain all on it's own.

Back in the late 70s we use to get a lot of the "ganji" as all the local growers were growing it. When I would put out a bunch of seed plants you would get some stability but all kinds of phenos would be in there.

There was a tall strain that was afghani that a friend had that was really stable. The ones I mostly grew and another friend would grow would get 3 or 4 feet tall and have very thick colas that were super sticky. Sometimes some of them would have a different smell. You would get a fruity one, skunky one, coffee one, purple one and other nice finds.

I love seeing Afghani plants and grows. Good to see you working with it.
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