what kind of airstones come in the UC... I have a 10 bucket setup and run the pondmaster ap-100 with 10 6"ecoplus airstones the long blue ones and a oxygen shield round air diffuser for the epicenter.. i have been getting a pond like smell from the room and cant figure out why
UC's come with standard 6" blue air stone sticks with a 9" FlexAir diffuser disc in the Epi. Pond like smell could be root rot?
Drain your system and re-up your nutes as it shouldn't smell like a pond......keep your nute inputs clean and you shouldn't have any issues.


I would do as stated above, drain and do over, smelling like a pond cant be a good thing!!
My room always smells like the herb that is growing, well unless I fart!!!!Yes I m a sick piggy, but holding it in is a sin, and so far my gas has never effected the plants, just me!!!!!!
when you drain your system, grab some paper towels and some bleach and wipe off any algae thats stuck the uc. mostly around the inner uni seal. had to do that to my system last night for the same problem your having.