Airpump location and CO2 Enrichment - Fact or Fiction?!

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Jalisco Kid

I have had my air pumps in my room for several cycles without any noticable effects on plant growth, I even called CCH2O to confirm this was ok when I purchased my UC systems. They gave the same rational about lifting them off the ground. If my room is sealed with 1500ppm CO2 and adequate air flow then isn't the whole room at 1500, not just the lower regions?

In theory this may be true, but in reality I think it is a myth...healthy plants don't lie...

In theory this may be true, but in reality I think it is a myth... I think there is a politician among us.jk


Replacing O with co2 in the root zone will lower your plants immune sys. Just like a person they look normal till shit hits the fan and then they can not protect themselves as well. If you did 2 side by side for 2 years and then looked at the ease of growth and weight I would bet the pump outside the room would do better and you would kick yourself in the ass for fighting an idea about running 10-15' extra airline. JK
Then you have the bac and fungus to think about.

JK, you certainly have the rep and many successful grows to back up your knowledge and experience and I am not doubting that what you are suggesting is true.

I started this thread with a suspicion that in fact the suggestion to move airpump outside of grow room due to CO2 to root zone being detrimental was somehow passed around and based more on theory than practical experience.

So far this thread did not produce any evidence from practical experience that pump in CO2 room causes problems as far as I can see.
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Chronic Monster

interesting discussion, going to pull a seat:) :joint:
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