Alibaba and LED lights

I have not bought replacement boards, but if I did, I would try and get the same exact ones that they replaced..unless I replaced all of them, at once. There is something called thermal runaway that is possible with unmatched diodes. never saw it, but it is supposed to be real. My own replacements that are on hand are just the Atriums, and a few HLG 132's (no heatsink) that I would use until something else arrived. Don't get me wrong..those Atriums and 132's are also great. I just like the newer Kingbrite a LITTLE bit better. Since I have a few brands, I have compared them to each other as to quality, fit and finish, etc. I see no differences from any of them. Here are a few shots under my Kingbrites this Dec.

Disclaimer: There is a high end Unitfarm 175 watt Burple along side the Kingbrite..thus the different photo tints!
Finnish Frost is Blue Dream x White Fire - 7East Genetics. They used my pictures on their FB page..😁
Last one is yesterday's Trichome shot.😛
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Wow! Beautiful. They remind be of old Jack's Cleaner