Alice in Amberland, "one way or another this darkness has got to give."

That banana looks dope! Man pulling all the killers out this run i always wanted a real banana thats one we havent really even seen flowers of well hopefully someday lol!
That BubbaxBD really chunked up too i bet the smell on that is quite unique BD is one of those meds i can smell right away if its being smoked that looks like a crazy yielder!
how did i miss this thread for so long? wow...... destroying it awsome work you guys really want me to try horizontal looks fun :D
Please dont dominate the rap, jack, if youve got nothing new to say.
If you please, dont back up the track this trains got to run today.
I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill
I heard someone say better run away, others say better stand still.

Now I dont know, but I been told its hard to run with the weight of gold,
Other hand I have heard it said, its just as hard with the weight of lead.

Who can deny, who can deny, its not just a change in style?
One step down and another begun and I wonder how many miles.
I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill
Things went down we dont understand, but I think in time we will.
Now, I dont know but I was told in the heat of the sun a man died of cold.
Keep on coming or stand and wait, with the sun so dark and the hour so late.
You cant overlook the lack, jack, of any other highway to ride.
Its got no signs or dividing lines and very few rule to guide.

I saw things getting out of hand, I guess they always will.
Now I dont know but I been told
If the horse dont pull you got to carry the load.
I dont know whose backs that strong, maybe find out before too long.

One way or another, one way or another,
One way or another, this darkness got to give.

The family lives on!!
Exactly, dead to the core. I sometimes wonder if anyone ever actually understands what I mean on these sites. You sir do know exactly what I'm trying to say.
That Purple Banana looks off the hook! My Old Banana Kush cut used to get dark like that. Tasted like a fresh Banana Shake! Hope all is well, Amber and Alice. Looks like ya def got lots off dank on ur hands. Love the Triple OG pics for sure.
Hey RIVAL79 thanks for stopping by. Yeah the triple is throwing out some funky smells. Hows things in the funk lab? Still running the sour pebs?
Nice you gotta do it at some point who know why. Floor drains are your friend.
one of my buddys just moved over from soil and i was trien to explain to him how much it sucks when you have a major water problem hose or w.e it is. and he dont think it will ever happen to him lol
Lol that's cool I wish him luck with that as I doubt it's ever been done before. There is just something about circulating around your room a couple hundred gallons of water that makes you more at risk of occasional floods.


Funk Master!
Hey RIVAL79 thanks for stopping by. Yeah the triple is throwing out some funky smells. Hows things in the funk lab? Still running the sour pebs?
Things r just starting to chunk up in the Funk Lab. The Sour Pebbles is a staple in my garden. I will be running her for a long time. Stop by the Funk Lab and say Hello sometime!
INSPIRED. Hats off to both of yaz Am-Burrr & Al-Ice.
curious what you run for controllers? Sentinal or whats good?
Can you update on your nutes as last thread u had CS and now you speculated to some new stuff but didnt go into much detail other than the sulfur issue.
Thanks and keep ripping the shiz out of it!

Hey buddy sorry I didn't get a reply to you sooner something I've wanted to post about but I've always just used a hodgepodge of nutrients while growing in coco the previous 10 or so years and before that the only liquid nutrient on the market was general hydroponics or maybe earth juice. That was in the 90's now there are so many company's with a lot of good products. Yes there are a bunch of watered down ones but I've never taken the time to learn about the chemistry of nutrients and profiles and such so a lot of growers would probably laugh if they seen how diverse my nute shelf looks. So far growing in the UC I haven't used a steady feeding schedule but I'll give you a run down of what goes on around here. I usually follow CS chart on their bottle as far as the A&B and add 2ml of roots every 3-4 days. So this run since we had the two different systems I decided to use the left over advanced nutrients I had around in the smaller system. So I used their connoisseur A&B at 8ml per gallon and used voodoo juice and bud igniter at 12ml per gallon the first two weeks then during week 3 I started using their nirvana and hammerhead with the connoisseur and continued that only thing else I added was their cal mag bloom and some Cx hydroponics supreme potash and their headmasta. Until about week 6 then I ran out of the advanced products except I used their overdrive and started using CS two part. Ran with tea most of the run but started running sterile about week 6 also. Then on the big system or system with the giant plants I kind of threw a lot at them early since they were about 6' tall at week 1 I knew I needed to get minimal stretch so week 1 CS A&B then added AN Bud ignitor and also some ultra from yellow bottles or advanced floriculture also used cutting edges mag amp and plant amp with their uncle johns blend. Held that until week 3 around 500 ppm .5 scale then week 3 I started to use AN hammerhead,nirvana,mag amp,headmasta and I think I added some Moab half way threw that week since they were still stretching. That's when I started seeing a lockout which I think was actually a phosphorus deficiency but diagnosed it as sulfur possibly magnesium or all 3 plus my foggers were running on tap water and noticed a white film building up on some things and my humidity wasn't rising a lot during the night cycle so thinking stomata's were covered in a calcium film. Anyways after flushing for 24 hrs started using CS A&B with the yellow bottles sea minerals which is high in sulfur and magnesium along with AN hammerhead continued that recipe until week 6,7,8 I discontinued the hammerhead and added overdrive and sea minerals with CS. Flushed for 7+ days until started taking tops off and am still harvesting tops I think their at 70 today with at least 12 days of flushing maybe more. I take about 2-3 plants down a night there is just a few fire OG's left with tops on them and the sour diesel/lemon OG system I haven't touched yet. Then all the other strains Amber posted pictures of were grown in coco 2gl pots banana OG,triple OG,lemon OG,master Kush,bubba/og x blue dream cross we did,couple sour diesel and a couple Ewok I think there was one Kush dreams and 2 capt. krypt OG's. Ya we use sentinel controllers to turn the humidifiers and dehumidifiers but the excel air system runs on a thermostat and the solatel Co2 burner has it's own ppm pin so probably will start using timers this next run instead of solatel just because it's a older brain that lost it's mojo. It's going to be a bit before we start another though but when we do look forward to treating some Albert Walker shots pretty stoked was gifted some cuts of it last week. For now were moving then going on vacation and have a baby coming in September so a really cool busy year this year. Thanks farmers