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THC Farmer Pure Alien Technology (sister) Smoke Report

Tester Name : Rabbi
Breeder/Grower: OBSOUL33T / Super Pimp!
Strain : Pure Alien Technology Landrace Afghanistan
Genetics: Landrace seeds collected first hand on the boarder of
Afghanistan /Pakistan
Method Smoked : Glass and Paper


Photo: Obsoul33t/Super pimp


Dominant smell of bud : Cedar/witch hazel/astringent/Mothballs(Chemicals)Associated smells of bud :


Dominant flavor : The same cornucopia of smells transfers to the smoke. like a cedar cooking plank in the oven with a puddle of witch hazel and melting mothballs evaporate vapors.
Associated flavors :a freshly plained Fruity cedar board painted with an aromatic stain/turpentine, and you take a huge inhale! Anyone familiar with the Sugar Pine?

Harsh/smoothness : 10 (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being
extremely smooth)
- cough factor? : yes/no


Profile : Maybe 25% head / 75% body. Percentage of head to body (e.g. 80% head 20% body)
Potency : 10 +1 I have over 50 samples of all kinds available in regional Dispensaries and none can compare. The Buzz is Powerful, complex with ins and outs up and downs- maybe even a 4 th dimension.The high is clean and sharp, I was High before I even exhaled. (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and
10 being extremely potent)
Duration : believe it or not 3 - 6 hrs(approx length of buzz, from first hit)
Use : Daytime/Bedtime Anytime
Munchies? : yes/no

First, I owe Obsoul33t a debt of gratitude for Him allowing me to do these smoke reports of just a few of his many many elite creations - a true master and someone for us all to aspire to have his skill with this plant.

I guess I should start with what the man himself told me, when I asked for the back story. Obsoul33t knew a guy who was in an area between the Afghanistan and Pakistan boarders, upon the guys return he poured out a handful of seeds some that were broken or crushed. There were 2 main female keeper on that had the Cherry and this one. This one was backed up with a buddy and the cherry was given out, even though all the hype OBs hasn't seen a single cent from the first alien tech genetics given away. Obs had completely forgotten about this one "the sister" until his buddy reminded Him.

Now, on to the facts. This flower is another amazing rare gem, I've never seen or smoked anything like it. As you can see by the pictures it has lovely shades of green lime to almost forest. with a thin almost nothing thread of a pistol brown and make up very little of the smokable matter, nor do they pile up in the bag. the flower breaks apart in a manor, size and shape of most OG's and 707 headband, triangular and quarter size Nodes. The inside of the node is colors from yellow to gold. As you break the nodes a burst of THC crystals fall every where (see pic). Each node has about 5 to six single bowl loads. This Bud is perfectly cured, it is light yet firm like packing peanuts. The THC glands are still moist and sticky but the veg part of the calyx tear lightly like paper. When smoke the ash is so light it can't be pulled thru the stem, but the ash is absolutely white, I have no doubt this is the cleanest medicine I've ever smoked.

When I light the Bowl and start to inhale and before i can finish my rip, i realize I'm already High and tripping on the lighter flame. Actually I feels like a beam is hitting you right between and behind the eyes the onset is immediate. The initiation High is noticed in the Head behind the eyes radiating out and set tinging in the body upper shoulder and back with and excellent mix of a high and stone feeling. Exhaling thru the nose there is no burn until about 10 -15 seconds after your done exhaling. and burns and tingles so bad it made me squint and tear a little. (Not a negative)almost like you'd expect from turpentine.

I smoked some with evening MMJ smoker and They where high for six hours, lasted about half that for me. The Buzz is a really strong High equal or stronger then herijuana with out the narcotic fuzzy component. This does settling into a great body stone but never disables your ability to stay awake. The eye blur and distant stare are a common experience the moment you relax.


turpentine (X) - metallic () - ammonia () - urine () - vinegar ()
bleach () -lotions () - plastics () - glues () - astringents (X Witch hazel) - chemical replants (X Mothballs)

fruity () - berry () - black/blue/raspberry () - citrus () - orange () - lemon () - lime () - apple () - mango () - grape () - cherry () - tutti frutti ()

floral () - perfume () - blossom ()
minty () - methol () - spearmint () - peppermint ()

woody () - incense () - hardwood () - sage () - juniper () - cedar (X)
pine () -basil () - garlic () - dill () - clove () - parsley () - pepper ()
tobacco () - chocolate ()

earthy () - loam () - dirt () - musty () - dusty () - dry ()
animal () - bird () - rodent () - gamey () - skunky ()
botanical () - hay () - autumn leaves () - trees (X)
Stop Teasing Rabbi! haha. I got all excited thinking I was going to read a review. Enough with the nip slips, TAKE IT OFF!


Sic photo. What did I start? Who made that slide?

You lucky bastard. Getting some of that true AT from the man himself. I'm hatin'.
wait, so obsoul33t himself was in Afghanistan and found these beans? was he enlisted in the army? what was he doing there?

cant wait to hear how this sister smokes


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I heard that was a bottom bud

Very interested in the real story, sounds like a good one



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awesome looking buds.

now, quit with the tease.

lol thats not a report thats an essay!!!
keep up the good work rabbi.

reminds of art college critiques....
ive never read someone describe a bud so well. you deff know your mmj.
nice smoke report, the smoke sounds good. I love the rotating gif's but wru hd pics? some trich porn plz! lol. I'd love to get my hands on some finished product or the cut ;) Keep smoking/reporting on the fire.


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Alien tech! Damn that shit is outta this world. Man that is some rare shit 4sho. Thanx 4 da report. Ur a lucky guy rabbi.

Farmer Jon

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Hands down the BEST smoke report ever. Thank you for the in depth description on the history as well as the basics. Typically I wouldn't bother wasting space with a post on a S.R. but I had to make an exception to give you props on this, and the many other smoke reports you have taken the time to post. So thanks Rabbi.

up yours

Thank you obs. And rabbi great teamwork fellas and obs if I ever make any money crossing my alien kush hell I'd give you half my profits for sure. sorry there are so many unworthy people in this but please keep up your great work.
Obs is my true hero thank you for the innspiration sir. UP
What 1?,dont really matter though,supposedly extinct,i run the adog tho!.pics of her would be great,theres not many that i know of.76