heyho fellow farmers..a while ago when the aliens show'd up first i got a few packs of the original line made by the man obsoul33t..i got his permission to work with his alien line and made some f2's and the 'alien express'..these were some funny beanz and went out as freebies..but it seemz a lot of them are stored in ppls fridges lol hahah..however.. i also ask'd jj..if i would be allow'd to work with his nigerian haze line..and so i look'd for a nice male and found the stud i wanted..he had a crazy funky smell with nice hazy undertones..he was a frosty vigor growin' guy..and had big balls lol..i dusted a few of ma gals with him..
i will look for a few testers..as i have high hopes in that cross..please no pm's..only post up in here..and may you will be considered..

..the 'aliendoghaze'..(aliendog mom x nigerian haze male)

the aliendog pheno i used is fully tested in all mediums and is one hell of a nice lady..she has a fresh chemmy smell 'n taste with light cherrish undertones..and is frosty as hell..



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Damn bro i will love to give those a run if i had some, it sound like a killer cross knowing both strain. The 50/50 pheno sounds promising. Any chance u could post pictures of each parents?
Hey man, I'd love to test those beans for you. I can pop them all the day they arrive, I grow 100% organic and will take lots of very high quality pictures every step of the way down to the dried nug and hash shots, followed up with a smoke full report on each pheno I find.
yea fellas..i think i want about ten testers or so.. :damnhippie: ..

..and lolliman..that ae looks great..can't wait to see some mor flower shoz of that lady..it's fine if u luv her..

i will keep this thread open for about a week..or two..:bubblez:

keep ur pics comin'..as five of the testers will also get some..
'nigerian fire haze'..(raskal og x nigerian haze)..

the beanz must be started right away..and i want to see 'em growin'..:icon_cookie:

here is a snapshot of the mom..i luv her frost..:icon_spin:
Haha looks like I aint gettin it then. I never took pics of previous grows for security reasons. But I've been wanting to do a few journals lately and I have access to very expensive camera equipment, because my sis is a photographer to be honest she'd love to take the pics. If you do give me a crack at em that would be ill, I am very capable. Been growin for 5 years.
Shit. I would love to test these out because I love the hazes and that aliendog is sure fire, I know! but I'm just getting my new set up dialed in and I don't have the time (or space) at the current moment to test anything else. I also need to wait until I get a new camera, mine is lost in the mail somewhere between here & NY! I also grow all organic. Keep me in mind in the very near future (next couple months) though for any testers! I am very willing and eager! haha

The first two pics are of my e32 trainwreck. The last two are of a real stinky and sick pheno of UK cheese that I got.
Well I'll go ahead and contribute...

this is my very own little mixture.

Silver Pearl(mom) x Bubblegum(dad)
trippy, giggly, uplifting sweetness. Sadly I lost
the dad to a greedy ex-friend.

Nevile's Haze. good for a bloombox... flower VERY early.

And my staple, Silver Pearl.

Kinda' close.


thats very generous of you im sure there som fire

im not interested in being a tester ,but im most interested in the alien tech ,wen you say you got the original line are you referring too the pure alien tech

id love too hear more about her as for aromas/taste effects?

ananda karSaka

not to go off topic but that ,but i like your selection im a haze lover myself

im very interested in the silver pearl 89 (nevs release) is this of recent stock from sensi ?

im most interested in taste/aromas is there any spice or incense?

Hey, Iam very interested in testing these for you. Could do a detail log, take pics, and smoke reports... i have a tent and light i could free up for this cross exclusively....keep me in mind thanks
darkside it would be an honor to grow some of your gear bro! this is some trainwreck and alaskan ice i grew. im currently runnin underdawg #1 and kksc x the white. ill keep my fingers crossed :)
Nice cross dsx bro!!! That will be some fire bro for sure!! I see you have plenty of folks wantin to run these ladies, but I'd more than happy to run these in the haze tent if ya need em ran, just lemme know. Otherwise, lemme know when I can scoop a pack! Trying to get some good hazes in the stable...
i luv all the shoz in here..

..and bigherb..it was ma fault not to write it clearly..i only got a few packs of obsouls' released alien crosses..like alieno formaggio..aliendog or grass knuckles..neva had the pleasure to play around with the pure alien tech line..only soulie was..
but i ask'd him to work on with his hybrids..and i found a few very different phenos..whatever was kiss'd by his alien tech male seemz to add a shitload of resin to the mom..and i also recognized a cherrish fruit undertone in taste 'n smell..
some phenos had a earthy hashy taste..but most were on the fresher side of things..
and also all were better yielders..for maself i'm also interested in the pure alien line..but i'd say obsoul is the only one who can tell about it without any rumors..
its appreciated ,i thought you were one lucky SOB

and i also recognized a cherrish fruit undertone in taste 'n smell..
some phenos had a earthy hashy taste..but most were on the fresher side of things..

soo you believ the AT contributed the cherry trait, i thought this cherry pheno was from alien X lvpk
interested to kno which cross was most pronounced cherrish traits ?

im not into fruity strains but i like cherries and that flavor is one ive never experienced in cannabis

im a affie lover this strain had my interest from the first words
the hashy darker terpenes i prefer ,is wat i would exspect from pure alien id love to know more

too bad obs is gone