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Been sold out everywhere for a wile. I just happen to have an extra pack. 300 free shipping U.S
Lineage: (Starfighter x Animal Cookies) x Sour Apple IBL
Breeder: Alien Genetics
Indoor Bloom Time: 56 – 63 Days
Outdoor Bloom Time: Early October
Type: 10+ Regular Seeds

What Is Sour Apple IBL? This line was created by pollinating the Sour Apple clone with a Nepalese Landrace male to make the F1 generation. Multiple male offspring were selected from F1 seeds to pollinate the Sour Apple and create the BX1 generation. The process was repeated 4 more times, leading us to the BX5 generation. 3 males were selected from a pool of 61 and chosen to make the final generation of BX6. The offspring are very homogeneous and are a gorgeous replica of the original Sour Apple mother. My goal in the creation of this line was to add density and structure while maintaining the original Sour Apple’s mouth watering flavor and stunning visual appeal. This has been achieved and I am confident that BX6 is as far as the line needs to be inbred to create a uniform version of the Sour Apple clone in REG seed form.

Sour Apple IBL Breeding summary:
1) Sour Apple x Nepalese Landrace = F1
2) Sour Apple x F1 = BX1
3) Sour Apple x BX1 = BX2
4) Sour Apple x BX2 = BX3
5) Sour Apple x BX3 = BX4
6) Sour Apple x BX4 = BX5
7) Sour Apple x BX5 = BX6 (Sour Apple IBL)

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