AllStar Genetics King Kong Test Grow

Whats up farmers! Just started germinating some King Kong from AllStar genetics. Very excited to see how they turn out. Should be some killer stuff as AllStar works with some excellent genetics. Pics coming shortly

Enjoy the Show!
Mmm! Do i smell strawberrys?

Here come those lovely babies! Looking healthy except one got trapped in its shell and i had to help her out by removing the shell. Seemed like the plant would die if i didnt remove the seed shell. Looks deformed though. So basically six remain unless it comes back looking healthy. Probably be a weak plant anyway. Anyway here they are and hope you enjoy the show. Better stuff coming soon!
King Kong Here We Come

Herses the little king kong babies. They look healthy but seem to be starting off very slow. Maybe just a slow vegger. I took pics of all the babies as you can see the different phenotypes in the bunch. Wondering how the yield should be. The name sounds like a nice yielder. What about the taste and potency and even the look of the dried meds. Should be a great run. Hope you all enjoy the show
Oh yeah looking lovely as all hell. 2 females out of the bunch with some sweet lemony mountain dew sprite smells of lemony zest. 2 slightly different phenotypes. Very close in overall appearance and smells. Definetaly a beauitiful all round plant. Will get pics up soon. Looks like they will yield nicely as well. Thanks all-star og and sorry for the delay
2 King Kong Phenotypes Lemon zest and lemon sprite zest

Two Phenotypes 5 weeks into flowering KING KONG

Phenotype 1 : Lemon sprite zest King Kong. One of the strongest looking plants in the garden. Great overall structure. Only topped one time. Quick Veg 2 weeks

Phenotype 2 : Lemon Zest King Kong. Aother great structured plant. Only topped one time. Quick Veg 2 weeks

These two plants are great looking plants with excellent vigor as well as scents that tingle the mind. Seems like they would never need support as they seem very strong and supported. Great overall structure with soon to be long spears of dankness. Moderate feeders

Hope you farmers enjoy the pics as well as i did since i took them out of the growroom for there special occasion and photo shoot. Enjoi the show

first few pics are pheno1 and last few pics are pheno2. You should be able to tell when the pics are of pheno2
Hope you like Mountain Dew and Sprite/7up. This plants is going to fullfill the pallets dream and bring tastes of wonders and desires. Have a great feeling about this plants full potential as it just seems to be getting better and bigger everyday. Topping twice should bring maximum yield and even canopy of sweet goodness. Hoping some haze comes out towards the end of flowering but i think these 2 phenotypes lean the other direction. What do you think AllstarOg? Great job with this breed. Were these seeds F1 or what? Thanks for everything and Stay Organic
Those girls look like they yield, no matter what the phenotype... every picture I've seen of a KK in flower has had a ton of buds on her. I ended up with 2 girls out of the 6 I popped. I'll be running the rest of the beans shortly, as the males had incredible smells- I did NOT want to cull them. (in fact, I still have rooted clones of them).