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Looking good, Pauly! The "Sprite" pheno smells awesome! I think you nailed it with the "Sprite soda" description. My other one still smells like cake batter... :)
Hope they taste great, and offer excellent therapeutic relief.


Thanks man! oH yeah. Luckily both my phenotypes have that sprite smell and taste. One definetaly tastes just a little better but most couldnt tell the difference. seems to be stable. Definetaly northern lights #5 haze with some mist in the mix. Great plant for sure. great genetics all star and much love goes out to you and your crew. Smoke report coming soon


hey paulycali, looking really good. will be checking back often to read your smoke comments. thanks for sharing your experience.


Smoke Report!

Strain Info: All-Star Genetics "King Kong"

Veg Time: 1 week
Flowering Time: 65 days
2 gallon pots soil
Phenotypes yielded roughly 2 ounces each in a 2 gallon pot. Topped Once!

Appearance: See Pics

Smell: 10/10 with hints of lemons, limes, oranges, mangos basically like an assorted bowl of fresh fruit.

Taste: 10/10 tastes just like it smells "check smell for taste"

Potency: 8/10 Great sativa with just a little kick in the butt. Great all day smoke

Density: Not fluffy at all but not super dense either. Almost perfectly dense

Conclusion: I would like to start off by saying thank you very much to All Star Genetics for allowing me to test out this wonderful strain called King Kong. I would definetaly grow her out again as i feel she is a great all round plant with many medicinal benefits/qualities. No need for stakes as she can hold her self up just fine. Supercropping this strain would bring some amazing yields. From the smells to the tatse she gives, this strain is definetaly a keeper and feel you farmers out there that really enjoy a mostly sativa plant with wonderful aromas and tastes then go out and grab some of these genetics. You wont be disspointed. Great strain! Great Genetics! Thanks all you farmers as well for watching and enjoying the show. I had a great time and look forward to testing out more strains for All Star and friends. Thanks farmers, have fun and have happy growing of a day

PM me for any other info i might of left out. This was my first round of testing and feel i was just getting my feet wet. Next test thread will be more clear with more pics as well as keeping you guys up to date on everything. I am looking for some template i could use for the testing next time. I will find something that makes it easier to look over a test strain and check out the smoke report easier by making things more clear. Anyway thanks again farmers as well as All Star Genetics! Keep up the good work


hey paulycali, those templates at other sites really aren't necessary, imo. you did a fine job addressing the things us farmers are most interested in. some may think differently, of course.

personally, i'm stoked as a little child over your report as i have one female coming along nicely with clones veggin behind her. woohoooo...i've been looking for a flavorful plant for a long time. good flavor, good looks, sativa high, good yields, easy cloner....a farmer shouldn't ask for more. yee haaaah....

thanks for the grow and smoke report, paulycali. and thanks to the allstar genetics folks for making this available.


thank you paulycali,
excellent report ;)

We are working on new prof.catalog pictures of the strains will post some king kong soon.


Thanks all star! Sorry for the delay response. I thought my threads were lost after the new version came up. Thanks again and keep up the good work
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