Alooooooooo - ha, fellow activists

Kush Lion here....


Invited by our founder. Was trolled on ICmag for a while, and it is too bad, because I love those guys, GN< DG< et al....

But, I am glad to be here, for I know it is a big world..>!

And some of my friends are already here...

I travel to AMS yearly... Usually, adding a few days somewhere that I can get a few waves. I usually stay in Mokum for 2 or 3 weeks. May move over there someday, and that would be within 1-2 years, dependent on our freedoms increasing with "The Big 'O'." Or not.....

I am into girls that ride Harleys, and ... just kidding...

My Indoor strains:

Master Kush hybrid #1 - Chocolate/Coffee flavour personal pheno chosen from 5
Master Kush hybrid #3 - Aqua-Net Hairspray pheno chosen from 5
Recon #1 - DNA seedpack personal pheno picked from 3
(Grape) Romulan - the Grape part is just a name for a local clone, but I am sure of the Rom Part - just gifted this one


Sweet Haze #3 - from a DNA seedpack ( indoors as well ) personal pheno pick chosen from 3
Big Buddah Cheese - 5 year old cut, seemingly far and away better than the other phenos
Ok indoors, but great in a greenie. Local favorite in Medical scene.
Chemdog old cut (also indoors) to many: a local favorite

New seedlings choosing from phenos/ sexing now:

Legends LUI - so far 2 fems
& High End - no girls yet
Reef's G13 X Haze - not sure yet
Mandala's Hashberry - 4 fems as of today
2 more Recons - 1 female confirmed
2 more LA Confidentials - one may be F, and looks good, dinner plate leaves in its' future...

New clones to try soon

Blue Dream

Please pardon me for very much enjoying interactions with Europeans, and professional-in-tone Amerikans. I will try to be as pleasant as I can.

My Mom used to say: "If you do not have anything nice to say about someone or something - keep da trap shut." Or some such parable..... Not that I listened enuf...!


Cool Emoticons, --------------------> but I will wait before I employ any. ------------->

Thanks for inviting me..... !

Pics to follow -


dna genetics

Kush Lion howz it bra?
glad to have you on board and nice selection of strains to!

keep it real,
Pitty you got trolled there ICmag can be a hard place sometimes.....but you seem/sound a fine guy i'm concludung this from your writing....welcome to the farm here....kinda new myself :p
Welcome welcome.
I belive most of our new members come from IC mag and others maby just reading on ICmag (as my self)
I hope this will be a new fresh begining of something BIG!!!!!
Thx, Y'all...!

Hay Ho, Logic...... . .. . . .. .

Good to be home....

Thx DNA for a few good keepers.....

That Sweet Haze pheno #3 is great-great under the sun, pretty good indoors, but a bit spidery, and hard to control.. Those durn buds get just too heavy, (aww, poor me) ..

Local folks-in-the-know swear there is a good chunk of "Cough" in there. (NL #5 X Haze), and maybe Strawberry, as well, which would make..........

According to a Strain-Connoisseur at a Medi-Club, that sees many, many different strains always, it is only beat by the KKSC...! Hey, he started it...! I called it Sweet Haze...

Have also settled on the LA #1, which differs from the common cuts around here, and one called U2, which is almost identical to the flavour of my #3 pheno. I call it the "Aqua-Net Hairspray" flavour, and the nugs at Grey Area are usually of this pheno.

There is a great deal of the U2 and the Hairspray flavoured LA Conf going around te Scene.

My LA #1 from a seed pack, is like a Cafe Mocha - and they are coming on, really beefing up Master-Kushy Nugs at day 45, probably finish fully by 54, but I will let 'em go as long as I can, since they are pretty healthy.

There is Powdery Mildew in the room from the Recon and the OG Kush, not bad at all, but the LA 1's show NO sign of taking it on..... How about that...! For us here, that is significant... Maybe I should try some outdoors, although I never considered it. Hollow-Stem plants do not do so well around the Ocean.....

Other than the Ubiquitous Fungal Gnats at this time of year (not aided by my excitement in overwatering at just the wrong time....) Needed to go out and buy Gnatrol to fix this... It worked - 130USD for 2.5 gallons... OI>..! But - it did work.....

Good on y'all - thanx for the discourse, it is sweet, mellow, and appreciated.......

Again, will start to add photos after I get a chunk of work done.....
Well, that was all fun.... Pulled some Bubba Kush, and a hybrid of same...... Some Chemdog and Strawberry Haze, as well...

Most still Hanging....

Bubba is good - hardening up, 8 days from harvest. Yield was rather poor, requires too much veg time to be practical, so as good as it is, I will concentrate on the Grape-Romulan and S Haze cuts more - better yield - incredibly great flavour....

Working with a LUI new Mom, which is hard to clone, but smells exotic in veg, so excited am I. The LUI 2 was not as big, but cloned twice as well.

Also, the Reef-Barno's G13 X Haze, strong satty plants, growing fast. Cannot wait to get a seed mom in the sun and let it take as long as it needs.

As I expected, the Hashberries (4 moms) are the strongest cloners.. With a surprisingly favorable ratio of Fems to M's..

The MMJ laws are being toyed with in my area, as I "speak." Consequently, my head is down, in more ways than one this AM.
Yo Ho to the Dee Enn Ay Crew.... Hope alls well witcha'.... My cronies over there speak highly of your activities of late. I look forward to catching up later this year..... With everyone...

It is like Oxygen to me, AMS, especially after 8 brutal (feels like a century) politically corrupt years under the Great Decider.... UGGGGGH...! Been visiting since '86, yearly of not more, but annually for the last five or so...

Thinking of bringing a few elites over not this time, but maybe the next.... Talk with a few of you Hotshots, about them. G'teed to impress...

We'll see.... Plans in the works...

Peace, Y'all...

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