Aluminum And Color How To:??

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Hello everyone. We have been doing some testing on a few plants to see how aluminum effects color. Plants ability to make anthocynine is based on P.H and the amount of aluminum found in soils. (Not the only factor). We are also dropping some night time Temps below 55f to stop chlorophyll production. I'm looking for anyone who also has experience with this. I'm currently adding between .5 grams and 2 grams. Of aluminum sulphate. To 7 gallon pots. Using silicon to move aluminum around the plant.

Please don't tell me how aluminum will give me alzheimers... this is simply testing for coloration... we can always send the samples for testing to make sure it's safe, also note aluminum OXIDE. Your more likely to get harmed from a baked potato. (Actually a steamed potato if you wrap it in foil) I have some info from hydrangeas but nothing other then that. We are having positive results with anything above 1.5g during the last 3 weeks. After everything has filled out. We also flush for 12+ days. And often leave a plant to "die" just to see where she ends up. Eventually we will get some proper data on the subject for everyone. Thanks for reading. Kennedy Family farm.
Aluminum is gonna turn you into a potato.

Simple ph and ec swings change anthocyanins ... Pretty cool.


The company that is looking for these genetics is fully reimbursing me, I'm just following direction. Anyways... thanks rippedthorn for something positive. THIS information might be helpful for those of you looking to remove aluminum which you didn't know was present in the first place. Tea has around 8mg of aluminum per liter brewed... If anyone has data on aluminum in there untreated plants and removal solutions, I'd love to chat.

Yes demontrich. How do we remove it? And what level can we add it to. This is the same concept as all nutrients. Add them. Gain the effect. Remove them. I'll update this once I get real world data.

To clarify, aluminum is not being endorsed here. We are looking to REMOVE aluminum. And what levels it can be removed from. This could also be useful in testing soil for new crop locations. I'm just now learning some "organic" crops can be exceptionally high In aluminum.

Thanks as always for reading.
Before studying aluminum sulfate and after a soil test I added peat moss and a small amount of aluminum sulfate in approximate 3x3 outdoor grow sites to get my ph from 7.7 to hopefully 6.5 +or - the compost I am using is high ph from what I'm finding out and actually had some great plants last year 3+ pounds per plant but I'm kinda starting over and focused on living soil so my concern is will the small amount of aluminum sulfate harm my microbes and worms as I get them started ? Got my fingers crossed and won't use it again I'll know more once spring gets here and I incorporate worms in Another soil test coming in a couple weeks but what I've found is ph isn't as important within bounds in living soil
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