Amnesia Haze problem during flowering.

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Hi guys I’m growing Amnesia Haze and now I’m on 6th week of flowering ,I’ll show you few photos of the buds. Normally (for me) they turn brown at week 8 of flowering.Now they seems a lot smaller than they should be and the pistils are turning brown like they are ready to harvest,but I got 4 week to go.That’s not my first time growing ,but it’s my first time using Atami Nutrien. I’m watering them every other day with a liter ,they are in 11ltr pots. The ph and the ppm are all perfect according to the feeding schedule that I’m using. I flush them twi with oh balance water and now it seem a bit better ,but still they are some plants that couldnt recover.
I want to know if there a way to fix this and is this going to affect my overall yield?

I’m using 600w hps.
Mr. Molecule

Mr. Molecule

They look about right. Pistils turn red and die at different times and rates, not all at exactly the same time on a whole plant. If the information says you have 4 weeks to go (three actually, as I'm posting this a week after your last post), then just let them go the remaining weeks. They're probably fine.
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