amsterdam...where to go??

title says it all. what are the best coffeeshops? have been to a few places and found some very nice dank, best yet has been the kandy kush @ grey area.


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when i lived in amsterdam the "Green Place" in the Nieuwmarket was always stocked with dank...but times change so go check it out who knows :)

or stop by the DNA shop those guys always got the dank!
I think if you are looking for dank then there a few places I would try, Grey Area being on the top three of the list. I also enjoy Barney's and honestly I like Greenhouse too. The Tweede Kamer is great and so is the noon. If you want a beer and still be able to get down on some fire, I would go to The Waterhole in Leidseplien, it is a great bar, wonderful environment and they allow you to enjoy your fine herb there.


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I enjoyed the dolphin many moons ago. I agree with sanvanalona about Grey Area and Barney's. I remember sitting at Barney's eating breakfast and ripping vapes at the bar.

Barneys, Greenhouse, Grey Area and the Blue Dolphin are some of my favorite coffeeshops. I like the Rokerie, also. The spacecake at Barneys and the milk drink at the Blue Dolphin are some of my favorites. I never could get into Barneys for breakfast, just too crowded. There was an Indonesian restuarant that I really liked in the evenings near the leidelsplein. Another small cafe had danish and coffee in the morning and I was set. I liked to get a loaf of bread and some gouda cheese and a few grams of good weed and hang out at Vondelpark.