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:cool0041: Hey gang, I'm interested in your koh samui lemon thai strain. I've repeatedly tried to contact you guys over at breedbay, to no avail - mainly to ask if the koh samui will be released, or perhaps some of the crosses you guys made re-released? like the crosses you did with the uk pinapple... thai phoon, I think??
Unfortunately, nobody has taken the time over at breedbay to answer my questions (or write me back)... Not saying I'm being ignored - we're all busy this time of year lol... but perhaps posting this question in an open forum is for the best right now...
I'm of the opinion that there's some magic over there in the koh samui island area... me & the homies have been rolling koh samui & lipa yai (a kohsamui variety) boomers for years now... everyone that tries them loves them, and so do we! Peace!

hey old hand i am sure we have all ready had this conversation , contact me again and i will be happy to let you know whats what

yes lots of work going on . lemon pie will be back soon . so to thai chi , ko samui x cheese and pineapple . i also have pistils lemon ko samui and gonna do some things with her to .
i have about 30 different thai , lous strains i have never tried yet , i have friends living there . the best i am sure is still to come ,