And here we have some unhealthy plants! (good photos)

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Hydro Growers1. Are you growing from seed or clones? Clones
2. How old are your plants? Veggers are 2 weeks in big pots, Flowers are 30 days into 12/12.
3. How tall are your plants? Veggers are ~ 12", Flowers range from 36" to 60+"
4. What type of hydro system are you using? Some crazy shit. Modified MPB/Hempy. Top drip DTW w/ a hydro section underneath chow pots.
5. What brand/type of nutrients are you using? Homemade salt mix. The good shit.
6. What is the Ph of your nutrient solution? Going in, 5.8.
7. What is the PPM/EC of your tap water? 30
8. What is the PPM/EC of your nutrient solution? Veg = 1.6 EC, Flower = 1.3 EC
9. What is the temperature of your nutrient solution? Res temps are higher than I'd like. ~80, after a few days. Hydro section of each plant site is about 74.
10. Does your PPM/EC show a rise or fall when you do your daily PPM check? In res, PPM holds steady. In Hydro section, EC tends to rise.
11. Does your pH show a rise or fall when you do your daily check? Res pH doesn't fluctuate. Hydro section pH drops VERY low within a couple days of being changed. (I've seen it get as low as 3.5. The best plants hold around 5.0.)
12. Do you foliar feed or spray your plants with anything? Occasionally. I feed Epsom when I feel like they're hungry for Mg, and I have some other foliars in my bag, like chelated iron/micros, and Calcium Carbonate, but I don't use them regularly. I also sometimes foliar feed Cap's bennies. (OG BioWar)
13. What kind of lights do you use and how many watts combined? 4 x 600 watt dual arc, bare vert
14. How close are your lights to the plants? 18"
15. What size is your grow space in square feet? 10' x 10'
16. What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space? Fuckin' dialed.
17. Have you noticed any insect activity in your grow space? Negative, Ghost Rider.
18. How much experience do you have growing? Enough to be dangerous.

1. This WiFi looks like it's experiencing some stress from being a bit too salty. It got a little too big for its britches with the little pot it's in. I stuck it in the flower room as a tester and it grew to almost 5'.

2. The bottom of that WiFi. It's looking like P- kinda, but runoff EC on this plant has been as high as 1200, so I think it's N+ and stress from being in such a tiny pot.

3. This is what's going on with those lower leaves. The whole plant seems to be finishing a little faster than it should be. I'm not expecting much...

4. A WiFi top, wanting to claw up. You can just see the pistils starting to change a little too soon.

5. This is some kind of peach-smelling strain I got from a friend. This side of the plant is facing the AC, and the pH in the hydro tank wants to get down into the mid to low 3's, no matter what I do. You can see a lot of stress and burn and not a whole lot of bud for being 30 days in...

6.This is a lower leaf from that same plant as #5. Really harsh down there!

7. Now THIS is the opposite side of the same plant, the side facing away from the AC. Quite a big difference, eh?

8. This is a 6' WiFi that is, all things considered, handling herself quite well. See if you can spot the problem...

9. Oh well, I saved you the trouble. This has been happening since about week 5 of veg. It feels like N+ to me and I'm hoping I can get the plant to eat it all when time comes to fade it out, but what else could it be? (low ph? high ec?)

10. Same WiFi, different angle.

11. Here's a plant I'm having some issues with in veg. This one has me stumped. I've hit them with N (see the burn?), Mg (seemed to help the first time, but not the 2nd), Fe (no effect), and K (no effect).

12. And the sister...

I'm sure that that vast majority of this stuff is pH related, but...let's hear what the rest of y'all think!




3. This is one of the buds on the cold side of that mystery plant, looking all chewed up. (It's not bugs. I keep a VERY close eye on that.)


Living dead girl
First, perusing your post, I say put a baffle in front of that AC. Second, the roots look fan-fucking-tastic, but res pH dropping down into the 3's would make my hoo-hoo pucker. I'm not a hydro grower, so I don't feel comfortable advising you. But! I do serve up great bump.


Thanks, Seamaiden. I was hoping you might weigh in. These are all little things that have been going on for some time and I'm only just now getting to posting on, so it is all a little disorganized. This really might as well be my first grow ever of any kind, considering all the changes I made this year. It's all new to me in this system, so there's a learning curve, but honestly it could be a lot worse.

The res ph is fine, the issue is really with runoff ph. It's set up kinda like a DWC, except with only an inch or two of water for the roots to sit in. Unfortunately, that water isn't refreshed as much as I'd like, and the ph (and ec) can get pretty far out of whack. The coco holds all the bennies and everything and thy get tea every week, so I'm not too concerned about depleting the microbial population, but flushing those tubs is a huge pain, until I build it out a little better.

Obviously, bringing and keeping ph back in line is tantamount, but I figured it'd be worth it ro share some photos anyway, just in case someone has a brilliant idea.


Anyone have further input on the interveinal chlorosis happening with the smaller, veg plants? It's gotten worse over the weekend and I really want to get it squared away. Looks like iron, but I don't know what might cause that. I have a soil ph meter coming on Friday.


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You sure do answer a lot of your own questions here:

1) pot is too small for wifi and salt build up.
2) light yellwo plant probably needs more Mg and move it away from the light for a little while.
3) shredded leaves and the claw up top are probably from too much wind.
4) lower leaves sometimes look shitty before they shrivel and fall off due to lack of light.. No need to stress that.


Doesn't Mg usually start on the lower leaves, though?

Also, thanks for the reply. Too much wind makes sense.


Living dead girl
Hey Alter, the chlorosis I was seeing looks more like your plants are growing quickly. That light green can occur with explosive growth, IIRC it takes a little while for the chlorophyl to build up.

And yes, you're correct, Mg- occurs in lower leaves, that's one of the tells.



::shrug:: I sung them a lullaby last night. I like Cap's idea of too much light. They definitely are growing very fast. I think the mix is a little salty, too, and I have no idea what the soil ph is. Runoff is 5.8, ~650 - 800 ppm, depending on what I've been doing with them. Roots aren't in the water yet on these. We'll see, when my soil ph meter gets here on friday.
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