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My plans are Sog at the moment I'm going to start off with some locally sourced clones but start a mother once I find a reputable source for fem seeds


Just an update, waiting for a few last things to get shipped will start popping beans soon, changes to plan a little bit feel free to give feedback and constructive criticism.

Using auto beans
Setup is

4x4 tent

Light: sunnewgrow led 400w (advertised as 2000w equivalent 🙄)

Hydro setup: 20 3.4L pots, 42 gallon reservoir, 2 250GPH water pumps, 950GPH air pump, 2 4" round air stones (5.2" overall diameter)

#3 Perlite, Super Coarse

190 cfm 4" fan inline fan

6" oscillating fan

RO water

Using general hydroponics expert flora according to this feed chart starting at 25% strength and adjust according to plant needs, until first amber trichome then fresh water until harvest.

18-6 light and fan schedule

Water schedule 15 min on 45 min off when light is on

Reservoir flush every 2 weeks

Plan on using paper towel method for germination then place in rockwool starter cubes surrounded by the perlite.


So did paper towel method on 13 seeds. All 13 had good taproot so picked the 10 best looking ones and transplanted in to rockwool cubes and set in the hydro set up

running light on lowest setting and highest height 18 and 6 until sprout, running pure water until sprout as well


Day 3 all 10 have fully sprouted and are looking healthy. Finally got the grow room r


Day 7 update

Air temp 75°
Humidity 48%
Water temp 69.8°
First water change and added first week of nutrients at 50% strength
Corrected light from violet to red and lowered to 24" from top of highest plant
After feeding
Ph 5.8
Ppm 255
Ųs/cm 510

Slighty concerned about plant #1 will check feed tube when water cycles on


Update, everything seems to be doing well, the one that I was concerned about is doing much better, all perimeters are staying well within acceptable ranges and I am so far generally happy with this grow below you will see a picture of number 1 and number 8 which is both my weakest and strongest


Well I've been super busy but here is the latest update everything has been good so far 1st water change went from 50% to 75% of the feed chart and now am at 100% of feed chart as of 2ed water change and did a flush
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