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So a couple questions, first off I have a few that got so tall they are almost touching the light and I have ran out of adjustment. Should I just leave the tops to burn or risk screwing the rest of the plant around by topping.

Next, Iwas told not to trim or prune after going in to flower but I have issues with a few leaves under the canopy turning and falling off should I be alarmed or is it just lack of light under the canopy?

I check my plants every 12 hours I'm using genral hydroponics flora series expert, 440w led (claimed 2000w equivalent) 4x4 tent 10gal res. White widow female autos.

Tent is solid 72°F. 50% humidity
Water is 5.8-6.2 ph 1300-1600 ppm 67°F.
Pump, lights and exhaust fan are on 20 off 4
Circulation fan and air pump is on 24
I'm in week 8 seeds was popped on sep 25th
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