And The Dominos Fall....oregon And Alaska Legalize!!

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Good new for them!!

BAD FOR the rest..
Our republican rigged warpigstate has ounce again
LET THE COUNTRY DOWN,as we re hire a well know
criminal of WELLFARE FRAUD to run this dumb assed
state for 4 more grooling years,SHUCKS i guess the women DONT want equal pay or rights,i guess the
people liked to see our POWER BILLS GO UP 50 to 75 dollars a month from the DUKE SCAMMERS,i guess they like higher taxes an being pushed round by the MILLION AIRS here.

When FLA passes,it will be the REAL turning point!
but NOT until good luck folks with our civil rights???????


Living dead girl
I just found out that one of my cousins is now the Secretary of State for Rhode Island. WTFage abounds!

On another note, this is specifically for the anti-voters. WE DID IT! Local election, close, but WE DID IT! We got that asshole incumbent OUT (O! How sad, he didn't have enough personal friends voting for him) even though he received thousands from outside PACs, thousands that the challenger did not enjoy. Guess what she thinks about Prop. 215. :D


Not much they can do to stop it now,too many states legalizing.Im sure 2016 cali will too and that will make the west coast complete top to bottom and im sure the rest will fall like dominoes.


Yes!!!!! Congratulations farmers our movement is snowballing now!!! Way to go Alaska and Oregon!!!! Anyone privy to good outdoor locations in southern Oregon? Please let me know.
white city Oregon that's where my farm is nice quiet and beautiful


city Oregon that's where my farm is nice quiet and beautiful
Yes .. a quiet and peaceful place seems like an ideal dream until you start living there)) You need to be able to enjoy your little joys and be able to cope with difficulties. I never drove my car as often as on my uncle's farm)) Add to this the rains and a complete picture of quiet chaos is created) Unlucky with the season but my Rav4 coped with it. I used a car wash every day (CU scrore: 8000 or more). But I don't think that it helped to look good within 10 minutes after leaving the house)) Damn it .. I didn't think I would miss this time ..
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