Any suggestions for the use of jacks or single elements to configure nutrients

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Hi everyone I have 3 years of growth experience, just use expensive water! Although I can get a good harvest every time, I am tired of paying expensive money and then need to be extra careful and anonymous to collect these things that are more than 90% full of water! It's not worth it! The most important thing is that there is a big risk in my place! (Worry about the police) Now I think the biggest help that these past expenses have brought me is that I understand how to read plants and continue to explore the nutritional needs of plants in different periods... So I have been studying how to use single Mixing chemical elements to make my own cheap and safe nutrition...Until I came here and read a lot of great and experienced articles (including the nutrition jack combination for fat people...) I decided to try! I am a chemical blind and a disabled person! But I will study and will work hard. I have confidence in myself! Now I plan to try the mixed preparation of jacks or similar nutrients first. Because of local limitations, I can only buy close to the jack 5:11:26 NPK and all synthetic elements except amine nitrate! (This is a good sign) I posted this topic because I have no experience in this field. Now I will make the following points on some questions: 1) I have read about jacks + calcium nitrate + Epsom salt. Some people seem to say 3:1.8 The combination of :1 can be suitable for the entire plant growth process, but after I researched some articles, I found that the nutritional requirements of cannabis plants have different requirements for the NPK ratio at different stages, such as NPK~2:1:3, 5:5: 5, 2:3:4, etc. It seems that there is a contradiction between the two! What needs to be solved? Can I understand that it is necessary to control the ratio of NPK required by adjusting the different ratios of jacks, calcium nitrate or phosphorus sulfate or other... 2) As far as I know: silica seaweed extract or potassium fulvic acid vitamin bacteria Roots or tea are necessary for plants (high-quality flowers), but does the addition of these require adjustments to all measurements? 3) I know, maybe most people will not give me a feeding table for the whole process (people will say; the growth needs of each plant, environment, water, feeding method are different!) What I want to say is: these statements It is correct; but people who are willing to share can still make a reference feeding table (just like the reference nutrition feeding table made by the supplier of bottled nutrient solution!); 4) Someone uses a jack or other DIY-made nutritional feeding to publish Ever had a growth diary? I didn't find it, I hope anyone who knows can tell me. My purpose is to learn. I hope that anyone with successful experience can share their experience or formula; I am very grateful to anyone who helps me! Thanks again!
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