Anybody ever get Gainsville green?

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A friend of mine brought a treat back from FL. and I found one seed in a z ...It's a indica strain forsure ..smells funky as hell like a heavy cleaner mixed with pinapple or something ..strong as hell ...He said the guy called it moonbeam...Is this Krypo..I also tryed miami haze taste just like NYC haze EXACTLY...

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
There are a few FLA cats on here that have the skinny on all those..

All good though, give'm a run..



I'm gonna there's only one and it looks beat but I'll give it a try
Isn't Gainville green a geneic label for whatever "thump" comes out of the area?.... I remember it from the late eighties, early nineties.
i've heard of the "gainesville green" many times growing up,always heard it was super fire,but i don't know anything else of it.i just recently heard of a cut called "micanopy moonbeam",which i assume comes from micanopy,a small town near gainesville,again,i know nothing of that one either,only read somewhere of it's exsistence and recognized the micanopy's a cool ass little biker town.


Used to get it years ago in Savannah from a friend who made reg runs to Jacksonville and Gainsville.As far as I know it was just a generic term for bright green,piney,funky budz outa that area. I think some local boys were doing it up.It was nice when you could get it.


Yeah it's neon green and dank as hell ..Big nugs like tha size of my fist..well that why he called it moonbeam
so'd you ever pop that seed? and yeah the moonbeam is the real gainesville green, but nowadays any funk traveling from the 352 is pretty much called that.
I'm down further south, a couple people have the white, sfv. I heard the outlaws have the real gainsville cut.

Hey Vintageherb
How's going?
I was reading some reviews about strains & I found one of yours about the Super Haze. How was your experience growing it? Why didn't you like it?
I'm wondering because I will be using in my first grow ever and I'd like some advice :)
Thank you
I got super haze from a crappy vendor and all the females was nothing more then hemp but I heard it can be a very dank strain. Good luck with it
I got super haze from a crappy vendor and all the females was nothing more then hemp but I heard it can be a very dank strain. Good luck with it
I'm wondering because I read an ugly review from a member, check out:
Thanks for reply organic4life :)

I grew it when it was called Haze/Skunk and it was very psychoactive. I followed standard indoor non-hydro ,non-canna industry products, technology and smoked every evening when things were put to bed. I bong toked about 6 plus hits which cocooned me in organic colors- and- patterns hallucinations. I sat on the sofa for several hours and pondered my purpose in life. After 5-6 weeks I went into therapy for 2 years. I so I would say it is potent psychoactive medicine. I see that they now recommend it for outdoors, which is contrary to their original recommendations.



True Gainesville green was a buy accident mix of Columbian gold And Maui waui,done in North central fl. Near Gainesville in 70s