Anyone here that uses Jacks go heavier on the Calcium Nitrate?

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I ask this because my plants by the end of their last weeks of more aggressive Veg for larger plants going 8 weeks veg -- I have lack luster per than ideal green leaves and can not figure out what might be the issue.

IT could be I need to run closer to 750 PM at my American .5 conversion? I also am unsure and have yet to dial in the Mg. I found full 3-2-1 including RDWC top up 1/2-2/3 strength Nutrients to eventually be too much Mg as shown by Calcium absorption interference as per Muddlers chart interaction potential. Thanks for your time...

I switched back to GH using their aggressive 3-2-1 Grow Micro Bloom for the last 2 weeks of a getting large plant in Veg and it looked much better to my eye. I am hoping to use this information to help me dial in the true nutrient needs.

I admit I have a tendency to run my Power Grower Reservoirs a week longer than I should which probably creates some build up of sorts. Another thing I noticed is that the Plant seemed to consume more PPM with the GH than with the Jacks -- leading me to believe there is something not getting as absorbed with Jacks?

Could the ratio not be perfect for my large Vegging RDWC plants going 700 PPM Jacks with or without the 1 of Mg? Thanks for your time...
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