Anything else I should consider with these nutes?

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I'm using GH Flora Nova grow and bloom(had good results before with these). Adding Floralicious plus and KoolBloom this round, Ebb and Flow in hydroton. Should I consider a root or late bloom product or any other additives?


Green Supreme

Chelated Micronutrients aka Trace Elements. Peace GS

Disco Duck

You might consider Hammerhead & MOAB instead of Koolbloom liquid and dry. I used 3-Part GH with all the addatives my first time around. Next time I am going to do the same thing, but replace both koolblooms with Hammerhead/MOAB. I've read a lot of good things about that booster combo, and you can just switch them for koolbloom in the recipe.


Thanks guys, appreciate the input.

Disco Duck - Were you not happy with the results with KBloom or are those results not in yet? And yes there are some good things said of your suggested nutes.

Buddy Flowers - How many grows have you used your suggested nute combo?
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