Anything I should take into consideration before ordering 2 x KingBrite qb288 v3?

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Been researching lights for a good few weeks, for my application and budget decided on the KingBrite 240W qb288 v3 lm301h red mix UV IR.

My only concern is that supposedly the Epistar LED's lose their efficiency quickly? Or is it not really something to worry about?
(Just wondering about the Epistar issue and anything else that I might not have taken into consideration, before I pull the trigger. Any feedback?)

I'm set on Kingbrite, just wondering if this is the best option from them.

[About my grow]:

What: Landrace Equatorial Sativas (planning to run two of the 4000K models above, as equatorial landraces seem to favor higher K's)
Why: Growing for effect and personal use. Don't mind small yield at all (I know most recommend 3000K or 3500K for yield).
Where: Ventilated Bathroom: 5.9" x 2.62" - 15.5 sq ft (I already have 1 x 100W Mars LED and 1 x 50W Chinese COB)... So total would be 630W
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