Aphids and Imid

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Ive been battling aphids for a few years but just cant seem to beat them. I beat them back with root drenches of pyrthren, azamax and captain jacks, but they always come back.

My plan is to use mallet 75 and og biowar foliar packs twice 14 days apart in my veg. I have 3 veg rooms that ive been holding back on with the plans of sorting out the aphid problem... so 1 room is completely empty. My plan is to get a bed bug machine and heat the 3 rooms upto 120 for 3+ hours to kill any flyers or assholes who could be hiding.
But in my 3 flower rooms I do not plan on doing anything heavy. I'm planning on just keeping up with weekly drenches in order to keep the aphids at bay, and then at cut down immediately get rid of all the pots and heat the room upto 120 degrees for 3+ hours.

Also I have 3 clone trays, two with about half the cuttings rooted and the other one was just taken in the last 6 days... will the imid fuck the clones in the cloner up if I use it there?
Do I have a real shot at beating these things with this plan?
Any advice like other things I can integrate into this plan?

Green Mtn

Green Mtn

Get some asian lady beetles or lady bugs. I had some aphids in my 4x8. I sprayed once or twice with azamax and trifecta. Been adding asian lady beetle from window sills. Seems to have controlled them for now?
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