Are my roots about to fall apart?

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Hi everybody. I've been mostly lurking but now I'm worried about my lady, hence this post.

The plant has not been growing as quickly as expected. I've done a res change and upped the EC to 1.7 using Canna Aqua fertiliser. The leaves now look good in colour but have deep ridges. Otherwise it looks ok to me.

It's my second hydro grow and the roots don't look particularly alive in some areas. The roots are growing really long and thin. The newest root growth looks good but especially the part that sits above the water looks iffy.

Water temps are around 65F. Not running hydroguard or anything (tricky to get in Europe last I checked).

Can roots get too tangled or is this looking ok? I haven't noticed them falling apart yet but it seems like that's where they are headed. Some of the newer roots at the end look really good...

Thanks for your time.

Are my roots about to fall apart 2


Welcome to the farm.
Still learning hydro [no grows].
Ridges and deep green could heavy nitrate?
What was your EC before change to 1.7?


Thanks for the replies.
I had gradually built up to 1.5ec before the change to 1.7.
I haven't found any information at all on what the ridges in the leaves mean. Not sure how else to google it :D From what I've learned it might be a phenotype thing.

I've been experimenting with airstones and how I aerate. There may have been some vortex for a while that got things more twisted than would have been ideal.

Ph has been around 5.8 and more stable now that I have a res and much bigger water volume than previous single pot DWC grows.

I hope the roots stay alive...
Cheers guys.


The ridges I've seen on my rockwool when was to wet for the smaller veg plants. I can't comment directly since yours is dwc.

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