ASAP - How to PREVENT a problem with My harvest ?

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Hi guys, im growing in a new environment, with new strains, a new RDWC system and different environmental situation to what I would be used too.
My current grow room, is at 55% RH and 19°C,
I have two plants past due for harvest and I had to scrap one cola because of Botrytis, ive just harvested 80% (sore back lol) and have stopped for a bit. I noticed on a few buds I picked off a few days before harvest became slightly mildewy and having light browning to sugar leaves, more symptoms of surface Rot, im wanting to know how I can stop this from potentially ruining my whole crop if I come in one morning to find it all moldy (God forbid)
I cant seem to lower the RH more then 55% with my big dehumidifier on full blast 24 hours a day and my AC cooling the dry hotter air also on for 50 minutes of ever hour 24 hours.
I would like RH to be at 40% for 2-3 days to stop mildew early while I set the buds in for Jar curing. Tho im having trouble reaching that RH. wondering if removing all water sources from the room would help. There is 2 large fans circulating air around the plants too, the tent has negative pressure and the room is AC cooled. Any advice on how to secure my Drying and Curing would be appreciated.
I cant put the de humidifier in the tent because its temperature raises the ambient temps to 25°C perfect temp for mold. If the dehumidifer fills up and stops for a couple of hours I want to know my crop is safe from a small amount of humidity for a couple of hours. Is there anything I can spray to inoculate the air or to prevent spores from sporring... would be a large help.
P.s I have obviously separated the botyritis weed from the rest of the crop and the surrounding areas.
What temperatures and humidity do you guys find is the safest and slowest way to dry.
Thanks guys
If you guys want some photos just let me know.
AK47 Auto 1 plant 80% harvest
White Widow Max Auto


You need to scrap all plants that have any type of mold or mildew. Or use extraction methods.
you have to get rid of the problem before you can find a solution.


Also try drying em on screens or something that way you can’t pass the mold/mildew to other plants. You won’t even know they are affected till they show it which sucks.
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