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Big Krump

I'm just stating that I got 3 fem freebies of 1 each of the emerald jack, super sour og, and the grapefruit krush and all 3 where excellent. Super healthy veg growth and a even more stellar flower. These were also done outdoor at 46° latitude in the northeast and these plants were monsters that just reeked of dankness. My favorite of the 3 was the grapefruit which its overwhelming smell carried over fantastically into the cured bud. The emerald was the same as the grapefruit just with a bit weaker of a high. The super sour was def the stoniest and the mega producer. BTW all these plants were 1+lb yields. Just saying job well done emerald and I will vouch for you guys anytime. Just got your lost coast og and your blueberry headband to try.
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