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HI i just got a plant from my buddy that wasnt sexed and now automatically im starting to see the white hairs i was curious will this plant just automatically bud ..?? cani take clones now or how do i do that


I doubt it will bud automatically unless it is a cross of sativa/indica & ruderalis. Those are the only auto bloom plants I know of. Most likely you have a plant that has been in 12/12 for @ least a week & is just now beginning to show signs of its sex. My advice is to continue the 12/12 & you will know very quickly if it is male or female. The only other reason would be that it is a clone of a very old plant. I have clones of Chemo that show hairs @ every node, even with 24/7 lighting. They will not bloom under those conditions, but they will continue to put out a few white hairs.


How old is it? Plants show preflowers at around 6 weeks from seed. Clones can shoot preflowers everywhere. Just because you see hairs, doesnt mean it is flowering. Clone away!
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