Auto GG IN COCO on 49-53 day of flower. Is she “ok, standard, or above average?”

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So I’m on day 70-75 from germ and day 49-53 of flower. Plant dimensions are 27-30 inch tall and 23-25 inches wide. There are 11-14 stretched bud sites that are 8-14 inches long. This plant is hurtling toward the finish. I am keeping an eye on trichs with loupe and am guessing harvest is no more than few weeks away. This is my first grow with Auto GG and coco medium. My question is:
How “heavy” (filled out and dense) is she looking in plant/bud growth compared with general results for indoor coco grows, especially with cheap burple lights like mine?
I am pleased with my effort, feel good about my plant and have enjoyed learning…. BUT I don’t have enough experience to know if what I see is “standard,” “Good,” or if I “knocked it out of park,” and should trust my documented process without much tweaking for new grow I’m about to start. See pics… I know color of light sux in pics, but don’t need feedback on color….. trust me she’s healthy….. more interested in bud density and stature. If better pics are required for feedback I can take some more.🤬

Seed: Auto GG
Medium: coco
Site: indoor 3x3x5 ipower tent
Lite: Amazon/China special… Bestva 2000 led (I verified 400w output w/ watt meter)
Lite sched : Veg 24/7 until 3rd week of flower then 18/6
Container: 5 gal smart pot
Nutes: GH micro gro bloom & Cali mag
PH kit: GH
Water: Reverse Osmosis
Flowering temp range: day 79-85 nite 73-79
Flowering RH range: 68-71%
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I know its a bit late, but can you post a pic in normal light, from the pic it looks like its nearly there.

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