Auto grow update Green Crack, Lemon Auto, Sour Diesel, Alaskan Purple...

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Check out my auto update Green Crack Auto, lemon Auto, Sour Diesel Auto, Alaskan Purple Auto, my green crack and lemon Auto are about 4 day head start on my Sour Diesel and my Alaskan purple and the size difference in just 4 days of growth is ridiculous. So I took them out of the green room today brought them to the bathroom to do a mid flower flush with some Fox farm Sledgehammer,and thought I get some pictures for the update let me know what you guys think...

Medium: Fox Farm Coco loco
Nutes: Fox Farm Dirty dozen
5 gallon airpots
Distilled water


Who's the breeder on these? Looks like solid genetics grown to their full potential
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