Autofanatic Goes Micron Breeding

Starting my long journey into autoflower breeding. Basically I have 46 watts of 5k CFL light right now. Planning on adding some more down the road.

Growing with Miracle Grow Performance Organics OMRI listed. I know I know...Miracle Grow....The organic stuff works great though.

Anyways, I have three photoperiod strains growing in a purple tote. I recently took the cuttings from the mother plants. What I have is Krystalica, Hollyweed, and Gooey13. I have no Idea how good these phenos actually are until I grow them out. Promising smells and Structure lead me to believe I have at least one winner. These are currently in some nursery pots. Growing under the 46 watts of 5k CFL. Running them on 18/6 had them on 24/7 but changed schedule.

Now for the autoflower i'll be using. The Top Tao Micron Auto. I hope to achieve micro status in some 16 oz cups. I'm hoping for a stanky male out of the 6 seeds I'm sprouting. Once the photoperiods have root and grow a little I'll plant the autoflowers and fingers crossed this isn't all for nothing. I also plan to make more Micron Auto's in the process.

I think I covered everything...If you have any questions let me know...Hope you enjoy the ride
Auto make bred to photo female will not make micro, need to fertilize from photo to auto female to pass on the parent female gene
I've made auto's this way before...It does pass down autoflower traits which produce autoflowers. l'm not sure it'll be small but it will produce autoflower. I get what you mean by breeding a male photo to female auto to get smaller desired size. The thing is I'm going to use the smallest F1's with auto trait to make the F2's. Unless I don't find what I'm looking for in those traits. If it grows big I'll simply use small cups to grow them in.
When I said micro I was just referring to the cups i'm using to achieve mirco status grow.
Why anyone would want to ruin a perfectly good strain by making it auto is something I'll never understand. Are people seriously that lazy that they can't switch a timer?
No it’s environmental, and grow region dependent. I wish I ran autos here at coast, overcast, lights is barely 3 hrs, etc, so I can see the appeal
That's what indoor is for 😆

Honestly I never thought of that. But that being said. There are way too many auto strains to be justified thusly.

I find it hard to believe that many people are growing outdoor in a place that doesn't get sun. To justify when so many auto strains exist.

Most people I've seen growing them do so indoor or in places that get plenty of sun.

Thanks though. You are the first person who's even given me a valid reason for autos to exist. Even if it's super rare.
I like autoflowers because you can have multiple outdoor harvests before photoperiods are even starting to Bud. It typically takes two to three months to harvest. Planting in succession can be beneficial when you want to harvest multiple harvests. I live in a state where you can only have so much cannabis grown and in your possession. Some people don't like really potent strains as well. I'm more about Flavor than anything. Even though I think potency can be achieved with autoflowers if bred right
Why anyone would want to ruin a perfectly good strain by making it auto is something I'll never understand. Are people seriously that lazy that they can't switch a timer?
I have another photoperiod I'm adding to this grow. Cannarado's - Apple Turnover (Wedding Cake x Apple Juice)
The person giving me the cut said it's highly mold resistant. Plus it's a sour apple dom pheno.
Here what the tote is gonna be looking like. I'm not planting the auto's until August 4th. Figured that should be enough time to allow my photoperiod's to get big enough. I also have my timer set to 16/8.

I also forgot to note that my clones were put directly in dirt. no misting ,no clone gel
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