Autoflower Blueberry Lemon Haze, Deformed, Irregular Leaves?

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Hi everyone!

First post here, and relatively new, indoor, potting soil, budget grower.

I'm growing a Autoflower Blueberry, and Auto Blueberry Lemon Haze. They are both about 3 weeks old, and were started from seed. The Lemon Haze has extremely deformed leaves and started that way from the very beginning. The leaves are kind of smooth, irregularly shaped, and not really serrated at all. I'm giving my plants a 20/4 led light cycle, with fairly consistent 23C temperature. Being a budget grower I haven't bought a Dehumidifyer yet, but will be getting one soon. it's been 75-100% humidity in my area for a while, so I will eventually control that.

After digging around the internet, it looks very similar to people who have had their plant start to Re-Veg. that doesn't make much sense for my plant as it started out that way from the beginning.

Anyways, my question is, should I continue to grow the girl, or is it a waste of time, and I should I rip it out and start over? Is it something I did wrong, or potentially just a bad seed? The first two photos are of the troubled girl, and the third photo is the Auto Blueberry that is doing just fine. They are in the exact same growing conditions. I started Low Stress Training on both of them about a week ago.
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