Autoflower came back to life

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I was growing an Autoflower and it was a seven to eight weeks strain. The others look like they're finishing. A couple weeks ago this one recharged itself Andrew new five finger leaf. All the hairs are white. It looks like it wants to still grow in flour longer. Any experience with that? Out of a seed packet every single one produce two different type. I don't know crop King seeds candy cane Autoflower must be a really unstable strain? Anyways is this going to need those leaves to feed off of after I flush it? Or should I get rid of some of those larger ones on the top stop them shading the stuff below it on top I tried talking and stuff as much as I could. You can see I talked one leaf behind but there's nothing to talk about was higher ones with. So it is entering week seven of its seven up to 8 week flowering. It's about 10 weeks old all together
Autoflower came back to life
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I've never grown autoflowers so can't advise you there, but the strain is not necessarily "unstable."

Strains have different phenos. The same parents can produce plants that have different qualities, for the same reason brothers and sisters from the same family are not identical to each other (unless identical twins).

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