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What's up people

I started a batch of 5 autoflowers (my first run of autos) 4 of them have germinated, veg'd, given me semi difficult issues to solve, bloomed and are currently on their last weeks of full cure. September 1st was the day the 5 seeds sprouted.

It's been almost a full 4 months and the Auto Pounder has not bloomed. I've started another one and it's already started to bloom. Which is weird.


My plan is to finish out my last 3 autos with my mother's and flip the auto Pounder with 2 cheese berry's that are getting to big for my main room. Everything is running smoothly for me to begin cloning from my 4 mother's in about a months time except this auto Pounder.
From what I've read it's not an absolute phenomenon for an autoflower to not Flower within the short time period of 90 days they pretty much do what they want.. digging deeper into my search I found that flipping a stubborn autoflower from 18/6 to 12/12 can jump start them into bloom. To finish her off and push her into bloom I'll be doing a compost tea and trying out some new organic dry amendments by root organics

It's a 3-7-4. I will keep you all posted on how they are coming along. Also if you guys have any ideas or suggestions on what's going on with this autoflower. Drop a line

Jack og

Jack og

Usually one doesn’t need to push an auto to get her going but yes I’ve seen folks do 16 to 12 cycle successfully. Heck give it a go and let ya know how she does
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