Azera soil application killing more than just fungus gnats?

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I recently tried to combat a severe fungus gnat infestation in a friend's indoor mother room with a couple of soil applications of Azera (azadirachtin and pyrethrum) according to the dosage rates on the label. First 1oz/gal, then about a week later, 2oz/gal both paired with a yucca wetting agent at 6.4-6.8 pH. The first application seemed to go over fine with the girls, but didn't kill as many of the gnats as I'd like to have seen. Of course as we know, almost no infestation can be knocked out in one blow, especially within the realm of organic practices, so I gave it another go after applying a compost tea in between. A couple of days later, the reaction was like nothing I've seen before. Severe clawing and yellowing/chlorosis on one of two strains (Gilz Nilz), and the other (Triple Crown) remained fairly green, but suddenly slumped over and became limp on the upper 2-3" of almost all of it's tops in a way that I can only describe as similar to damping off in seedlings, or possibly fusarium without as much of a steamed spinach-esque wilting appearance.

My first instinct was of course to flush them until a good amount of runoff (which measured at about 1200-1500 ppm) which seemed to have slowed the progression of symptoms. I let them dry afterwards and flushed again until runoff was around 700-800. Hopefully they will hold on and eventually recover with continued flushing. I still can't understand how the Azera would have caused such a severe reaction, as I've searched extensively for similar reports and found nothing. I've used the product many times in the past as a spray for treatment of spider mites with no problems. This is the first attempt at treating with Azera for a soil borne insect. A trusted and experienced friend recommended it to get rid of the gnats, and he hasn't experienced these kinds of issues as a result. I'm at a loss.

The plants are about 4-5 months old in 5gal smart pots filled with soil (BM6hp amended with worm castings and Bio Live, top dressed with mushroom compost and bat guano). Under 750w HID fixtures. Fed primary with compost teas and watered with around 6.5 pH tap water.


That many plants is way past my pay grade. Before I got my grow environment dialed in and had gnat/mite problems, on my 4 plants, I utilized Natural Guard Insecticidal Soap, along with their Spinosad soap and eliminated the problem in one blow. Foliar and drench.

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