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If ur running RO then you'll need cal mag. I prefer mag-i-cal. I dose my UC to 250ppm of cal/mag before I add anything else on feed day. Also kept my top off rez at 250 with cal mag and a bit lower ph. Hope this helps some.



Well its been a looong time since i have updated this journal.. The grow is great im at day 48 of flower... i have not exceeded 700ppms the entire grow and i believe the ladies are loving it they are already nice and frosty and pretty damn big... i have still been using DM A+B and a little zone here and there.. I introduced Bloombastic 2 days ago and i already can start to see it working this stuff is amazing... Enough with my jibber jabber though here are a few pics... o ya i plan on running them for 70-75 days 10 week flower atleast... i tried to give a comparison to a 20oz mountain dew bottle so you can get a perspective of bud size can wait to see what these ladies look like a couple weeks from now!!!! ENJOY!!! Damn one more thing this entire grow has been with a pretty hot grow room 82-86 w/lights on so thats why the tips are a little burnt heat stress but not too bad.. No A/C and an extremely hot summer

DAMMIT well it looks like my pics didnt show up... this new yahoo email is BS ill have to try again tomorrow to tired tonight


two bulbs

Room Temp: 73
Humidity 50%
water temp: 68
PH: 6.2

Dutch Master Gold A&B and Dutch Master Zone and maybe a little silica. Had great results with it last time so im giving it a go again.. "If it aint broke, dont try to fix it"..

Alright well i walked in the room today and i couldnt resist putting some pics up of the beautiful girls.. i noticed quite a bit of growth and root development over night.. I got a couple pics introducing the girls and a pic of my new reflector got 2 of them but only got a pic of one... with a lot of research i found this reflector it looks sweet, it's large like 33"x 26" or something around that.. It also is a cooltube with the reflector around it.. Its great because there will be no airflow restricted.. Air will blow straight through the round tube, unlike a lot of other reflectors on the market that have the whole bottom glass and have restricted flow because air gets caught on in corners.. check it out cant wait to see how it works...


Too bad that cool tube cant hold two bulbs, it sure is big enough. Good luck.



Well after a long time away from thcfarmer I'm back.. I went to The Seed Depot and post hundreds of posts and pics and they went down the drain.. After that I went to Cannazon same shit different toilet. So for the last year or so I've been on Instagram but I'm starting to get bored with that. I like helping others with their grows especially Recirculating Deep Water Culture in which is my favorite of all the methods I've used.... coco, peat, mixtures organic soil no bottled notes ect..... So I'm happy to be back at the Farm and hope to help some people out if need be.
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